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Benedicte de Baron ?


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There is a model that is featured in some shoots & performance pieces by photographer Iris Brosch

Screenshoots of the model from "Benediction":



In the movie "Benediction" its stated that she is "Benedicte de Baron" but this is probably fake because it returns 0 results in searching for it.


She also appears in Delirium ( for Vogue Italia):


Her face is familiar, can anybody identify her?

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Thank you Bernard for the info.

Can you (or someone else) tell me what is the agency in the first screenshoot?

The second one i can see that is the old site for "Roxane Models" but i can't identify the first one.

All her works seams to date from 2004 and 2005.There is very little information about her, it would be great to see if she still works as a model and what happened to the rest of her career.

Thanx once again

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Hi All, this is my first post- I know this an old thread but I love a good mystery so I found a model named

Benedict Robert de Barochez with remarkably similar features and measurements

(a little larger which would be understandable a few years later!) on this on the FashionModelDirectory site:


Screenshot from 2016-10-11 02-13-31.pngScreenshot from 2016-10-11 01-35-28.png

could this be the elusive Benedicte Roberts? I compared the photos and the ears look identical.

Screenshot from 2016-02-29 22:42:12.png Screenshot from 2016-10-11 00-55-43.png Screenshot from 2016-10-11 00-57-06.png
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