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Andrew Westermann

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Name: Andrew Westermann

Country of Origin: Germany

Agency: Tomorrow is Another Day

Height: 189cm

Chest: 91

Waist: 71

Hips: 90

Shoes: 44

post-51890-0-1446121476-0653_thumb.jpg post-51890-0-1446121476-09546_thumb.jpg





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Xander Zhou S/S 2013 | London

xander_016.jpg post-51890-0-1446121547-33604_thumb.jpg IMG_1218.jpg

Matthew Miller S/S 2013 | London

007.jpg post-51890-0-1446121547-34347_thumb.jpg DSC_9078_2.jpg 7381208430_0718ae022b_k.jpg

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Dossier Journal S/S 2012

Title: Sincerity is a Dangerous Thing

Photographer: Edouard Plongeon

Stylist: Lotta Volkova

post-51890-0-1446121480-82517_thumb.jpg post-51890-0-1446121481-27272_thumb.jpg post-51890-0-1446121481-63265_thumb.jpg post-51890-0-1446121482-0459_thumb.jpg

post-51890-0-1446121482-35527_thumb.jpg post-51890-0-1446121482-72647_thumb.jpg post-51890-0-1446121483-25969_thumb.jpg post-51890-0-1446121484-78878_thumb.jpg

scanned by hvid @ tfs

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