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Cora Skinner

Memento Mori

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Cora Skinner


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Hair: Black

Hair Type: Straight/Long

Eyes: Hazel

Measurements: 34C-23-35

Shoe Size: 8

Dress: 1/3


(From CoraSkinner.com)

First and foremost, thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to read my bio!

I was born in Alexandria,Virginia and grew up in Creston, Ca a tiny town on the outskirts of San Luis Obispo County. Growing up on a 70-acre ranch, I guess I was sort of a tomboy. My older sister and I were always outside playing and I was very active as a child. I was involved in gymnastics, diving, and dance. In high school, I started track and field and cheerleading. Throughout the years, my love for staying active and feeling healthy had continued with me. I enjoy working out to relax, relieve stress, and to keep me fit for constant auditions and shoots.

Though not a girly-girl, fashion has always been a part of my life. With my sister studying fashion design, I was the designated guinea pig, who would try on her designs and strut down the hallway. I had always been a ham in front of the camera and my overactive imagination had me constantly acting out stories. I was fascinated by the beautiful models I saw on TV and dreamt about one day seeing myself on there. In high school, at 5'8 and 105 pounds, it seemed common sense to those around me to get me involved in modeling. My mother got me involved in some runway and print modeling classes, which did little to advance my dream, but helped give me an idea about the business.

Overwhelmed by the masses of other girls competing for the same dream, I decided to focus on school instead of something so uncertain. Not until I moved down to Los Angeles to attend Long Beach State did I realize there were open opportunities for me to do what I love! This re-ignited my desire to be a model. Right now, I am still working towards receiving my BA in accounting and am hoping to be a certified public accountant within two years, but I love the fact that my hobby of strutting around in front of the camera is paying my tuition! Although I have only been actively pursuing modeling for a couple months now, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people in the industry and have been featured on Muscle and Fitness, Foreplay Catalogue, HardCore Muscle, Skinnie Magazine, The Best Damn Sports Show, Hooters Calendar, Joey, MTV, Monster Energy Drinks, and will be participating in the 2006 Lingerie Bowl!

I recently returned from The International Hooters Swimsuit Contest in Miami and placed top 10 among the infamous Hooters girls around the world! I love the fact that I am turning my passion for modeling, fashion, and photography into an exciting and fulfilling job! My ultimate dream is to turn this job into a career, and make a place for myself in the modeling industry.

Until then

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