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Making Topics and Polls

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Below you will find a "how-to" on how to start a proper thread for your favrite model, actress, actor, etc. Information on making a poll will be located further down. Any comments, questions, or suggestions can be asked here in Site and Forum, or PMed to a mod or admin.


How do I start a thread?

It's pretty simple, on the upper right corner, you will find the Start a topic button. Click on it, give your topic a title, write whatever you want in the body of the message and then click on Submit topic and that's all, a new thread has been created.


How do I start a thread for a celebrity?

First and foremost, please use the search function. It can be found in the upper right hand corner of every forum or at the top right hand corner of the mainpage as well. If the model/actor/singer/athlete in question has a thread already, please post all pics, information, and questions about it in that thread, there is no need to start a new thread and if threads are duplicates we will have to merge them.


If it does not have a thread, here is how you should go about creating one for it:

Click new topic in the appropriate forum. If you are unsure what forum it belongs in, contact a staff member for help.

For the title, please just put the person's name, and be sure to capitalize the the first letters of her first and last names. Do not include anything extra after her name in the Topic Title. If you would like to add something extra (e.g. 'German model') you may do so in the area under Topic Title labeled Topic description.


In the body of the first post, please include a brief biography of the person AND a few pics so we can get an idea of what she looks like. If you do not know how to post a picture properly, please check our FAQ.


You will also have to choose one image to be the thread's thumbnail which must follow some rules: it must be squared, as recent as possible and show the person preferably shoulder upwards, and ideally frontal or slight profile, basically, a picture that allows everyone to see the person's face clearly. Staff reserves the right to change/update thumbnails, if you're not sure why the thumbnail from a thread you created has been changed or you have any suggestions for a thread's thumbnail, contact someone from the staff.


Please note that is you cannot create a thread for anyone under the age of 14, and if you create a thread for anyone under 18, it must be placed in the Development Subforum, and we will keep a closer look at it.




Examples of correct threads:

Gemma Ward

Rosmary Altuve

Taylor Hill

Elsa Hosk

Celine Alroe


How do I start a poll?

Same as a regular thread, click on New Topic. Then click on Poll and the template will change, giving you the options needed for a poll.

First, give your poll a name, then write down the question (s) you want for the poll, add as many options as you want 



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