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Paula Folch

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Spanish Model

FM Agency London

Hair brown

eyes brown

height 5'9''

Summer BlastPaula Folch returns as the face of Blanco’s summer 2012 collection for the Spanish label’s latest advertising campaign. Paula sports a mix of bikinis, patterned dresses and pajama style pants for the colorful images. The Spanish beauty is accessorized with oversize bags and totes as well as retro style sunglasses.

post-35528-0-1446021494-93629_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021494-9824_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021495-01067_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021495-04184_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021495-05116_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021495-05953_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021495-06785_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021495-08408_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021495-1077_thumb.jpg

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Spanish Allure – Spanish new face Paula Folch fronts the spring 2012 campaign from Madrid based label, Nacho Aguayo. The Spanish designer offers a selection of colorful prints for the new season with ladylike hemlines and silhouettes. Art direction and styling by Francisco G. Beivide bring a tropical flair to the advertisements with summer foliage and sparkling accessories on full display. / Photos by FGSunsetSTUDIO, Video by Juanjo Martínez

post-35528-0-1446021504-47877_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021505-793_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021506-27386_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021506-28743_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021506-31234_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021506-33593_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021506-34726_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021506-37297_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021506-40886_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021506-44882_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021506-4668_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446021506-49768_thumb.jpg

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This young valencian girl of 15 years old is one of the strongest bets of Trafficmodels. Nacho Aguayo, the emergent spanish designer with most projection in the international market, has chosen Paula to represent her brand, as same as Blanco cataloghe. She is considered as one of the new faces of the 2012 for the national magazines.


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