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Giovanna Mezzogiorno


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height: 168cm

birth date: November 9, 1974

birth place: Rome, Italy

daughter of actors Vittorio Mezzogiorno and Cecilia Sacchi .

She worked in Paris for two years at the Peter Brook Workshop (Le Centre International de Cr

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Finestra di fronte, La (2003) .... Giovanna

... aka Facing Window (Australia) (International: English title)

... aka Facing Windows (USA)

... aka The Window Opposite (International: English title)

Very good film, she is brilliant in the film. Giovanna is a beautiful woman, although gained a few kilos at some stage. She seems like she's got rid of them.



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Am I the only one who thinks she was UNBELIEVABLE in "The Last Kiss" (L'Ultimo Bacio)? She totally nailed that part! I had to rewatch a couple of times both the scene where she finds out Carlo is with the blonde as well as the scene in her bedroom where he tries to win her back. Now I gotta rent more of her movies as soon as possible! :laugh:

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