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  1. kismet

    Guzide Duran

    Name is Guzide Duran, but known as "Guzi".
  2. kismet

    Guzide Duran

    new pics
  3. kismet

    Charlotte Gainsbourg

    Not a beauty but a good figure, very cute. Very talented actress. Unfortunately, I am not able to say the same thing for her as a singer. I actually searched for a thread about her, but there were none. Thanks Lisa.
  4. kismet

    Emmanuelle Beart

    Seducing... nudity http://img178.imageshack.us/my.php?image=e...1mejorrrdv3.jpg images containing nudity must be text-linked and contain a warning - Qball -
  5. kismet

    Gotta love the POPE

    Bob Hope
  6. kismet

    Marie Gillain

    Thank you. But, you see, the pictures are very limited and of low quality, even in her own website. http://www.mariegillain.org/archives/galerie_photos.php
  7. kismet

    Marie Gillain

    She deserves a thread. I had difficulties in finding good pictures. Does anybody know a good source?
  8. kismet

    Melanie Thierry

    I searched and could not find one
  9. kismet

    Melanie Thierry

    Not much in her biography 17 July 1981 St Germain en Laye, France Model and Actress As far as I know she is currntly doing theatre in Paris. Any information?
  10. kismet

    Giovanna Mezzogiorno

    Finestra di fronte, La (2003) .... Giovanna ... aka Facing Window (Australia) (International: English title) ... aka Facing Windows (USA) ... aka The Window Opposite (International: English title) Very good film, she is brilliant in the film. Giovanna is a beautiful woman, although gained a few kilos at some stage. She seems like she's got rid of them.
  11. kismet

    Mini Anden

    I'm very impressed Emilia I have been following this beautiful lady's photos for years. I never knew there were so many that I didn't see. She is my favorite, thanks. I tried to look every single page. Did I miss that one?
  12. kismet

    Sophie Marceau

    Good one. She had a scar on the cheek which I removed.
  13. kismet

    Sophie Marceau

    600 pixel rule
  14. kismet

    Diana Dondoe

    finally There are some more pictures of her at the following URL http://www.network-tr.com/index.swf