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Philipp Schmidt

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Pistolenschuss statt Versace-Shooting

Oringinally in German but translated by google translater. I hope he's better now :cry:

A dream seemed to come true, as Philip Smith in November last year, learned that he had been booked for the Versace campaign. But then something incredible happened: He was shot in the street. In this interview he talks about the most dangerous day of his life so far.

How are you?

I'm doing very well. I can make almost anything. Only non-athletes. But that will soon go again.

Be honest: How to get involved in a shooting in New York?

This is faster than you think. I was on my way to the subway in Brooklyn, in the morning at ten. Suddenly I heard a loud bang behind me three times. I turned around. About ten feet away shot a man with a gun around. Even before I could run away, a bullet hit my foot. Immediately rushed passers-by and called an ambulance. I felt almost nothing. I was lucky. In the evening I was discharged with crutches Gipsfu

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