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Irresistible Bad Movies


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My list, brought over from ChilaX(peace be upon her :( :heart: )

The adventures of Joe Dirt(ultimate sophmoric humor enema)

Sidekicks(unintentional farce abounds)

and at the risk of seeming sadistic Nico the Unicorn;an entire drinking game can be played around the # of times the TEEN boy exclaims "MY PONY"

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Guest quasicartes

Bad and irresistible?

That's an easy one...

For me, It would be those Jim Carrey movies, especially bruce almighty.

For most of my friends and many people, it's just movies with no plot, just cute chicks, like Olsen twin or Lohan stuff.

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Bloody Murder 2....gruesome murders and female flesh abound

It's Alive... Larry Cohen's darkly comic mediation on the angst of impending


Ator the Fighting Eagle-Really just Disney's Mulan set in a mythic world with a male character, shot over a decade earlier

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I remember watching that movie when I was a kid pukeachu. I remember it being really good but I haven't seen it in about 10 years, so who knows how much it holds up now.

My only reason for mentioning was that it cropped up on Sci-Fi the other day; was pretty asinine, perhaps more so than usual in edited form. As a child however, I liked it also :blush:

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