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Vera Luijendijk


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"Tassen Vrouwtje" ("Lady's Handbags") for Grazia Netherlands No. 14, 3rd April 2013

Photographer: Carmen Kemmink

Stylist: Katelijn Verbruggen

Hair: Daan Kneppers

Make-up: Liselotte Saarloosvoor + Laura Mercier

Model: Vera Luijendijk

Source: Visual Optimism (visualoptimism.blogspot.com)

acfjFzDR.png abk1fOU6.png

adb0NggI.png adjhBwLz.png

acoTO099.png acgZYKua.png

abdlH0Yd.png acivP5l4.png

adlKvtOi.png adxFSJY0.png

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"Goed Gebagt" for Grazia Netherlands 23rd October 2013

Photographer: Carmen Kemmink
Stylist: Anna Sokolowska
Hair: Ilona de Leeuw
Make-up: Yokaw at Angelique Hoorn Management

Models: Vivian Witjes + Vera Luijendijk

Source: Visual Optimism (visualoptimism.blogspot.com)








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"Elke Dag Is Een Feest!" ("Every Day Is A Party!") for Grazia Netherlands 4th December 2013

Photographer: Cath Conroy
Stylist: Anna Sokolowska at Angelique Hoorn Management
Hair + Make-up: Dennis Michael at Angelique Hoorn Management

Models: Vera Luijendijk + Nick at IAmELK Agency

Source: Visual Optimism (visualoptimism.blogspot.com)

post-3311-0-1446055414-34069_thumb.png post-3311-0-1446055414-39849_thumb.png


post-3311-0-1446055414-43763_thumb.png post-3311-0-1446055414-45288_thumb.png


post-3311-0-1446055414-47697_thumb.png post-3311-0-1446055414-51732_thumb.png


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Numero Russia August 2021
Merry Men, Cheery Women
Maurizio Pedroni - Photographer
Emma Fuhrmann - Art Director
Maurizio Pedroni - Art Director
Vera Luijendijk - Art Director
Aleks Ivanof - Casting Director
Maurizio Pedroni - Director of Photography
Vera Luijendijk - Producer
Maurizio Pedroni - Retoucher

1555239-800w.jpg 1555207-800w.jpg 1555205-800w.jpg 1555204-800w.jpg 1555201-800w.jpg

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