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One Direction


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One Direction — English-Irish [boys band] which structure includes five young men: Harry Stajls, Lui Tomlinson, Najl Horan, Zejn Malik and Liam Pejn. In their group have united on the British show X-factor of 2010 on which they have taken the third place at the initiative of the judge Nicole Scherzinger.


In 2010 Najl Horan, Zejn Malik, Liam Pejn, Harry Stajls and Lui Tomlinson have come to the seventh season X-factor separately, applying for hit in a solo category. After the offer of the invited judge Nicole Sherzinger they have been united in group, thus having got to "the Group" category. One Direction finished the third, having passed forward only Rebekku Ferguson, taken the second place, and the winner of a season Matt Kardla.

To [correct] After X-factor

After «X-Фактора» they have signed the contract with sound recording company Syco Music. One Direction and other nine contestants from show have taken part in X-Factor Live Tour in February-April, 2011. Round consisted of several stops in Great Britain and Ireland. The exit of their first album under name Up all Night is appointed to November, 21st, 2011, also the group has presented a clip on the first single under оличество the sold copies in general has made more than 88 thousand. The second single One Direction is called «Gotta Be You», also there is a clip on it which for two weeks has typed over 6 million viewings on Youtube.

One Direction two own books under names Forever Young and Dare to Dream have published also. Book Forever Young tells about life of boys on project X-Factor, and Dare to Dream about life after that project.


* Najl James Horan (Niall James Horan) was born on September, 13th, 1993, in Mullingar, Ireland. Plays a guitar.


* Lui William Tomlinson (Louis William Tomlinson) was born on December, 24th, 1991 in Doncaster, Southern Yorkshire. The senior in group, has four younger sisters: Charlotte (more known as Lotti), Felisite, близняшки Dejzi and Fibi.


* Harry Edward Stajls (Harry Edward Styles) was born on February, 1st, 1994 in Holmes-Chejpl small town, Cheshire.


* Zejn Malik


* Liam

Пейн (Liam James Payne) was born on August, 29th, 1993 in Wolverhampton. At a birth it had only one kidney. Now at it their two, but one practically doesn't work. Once already passed listening on X-factor, but Sajmon Kouell has advised to it to leave school, and then to come once again.

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