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Anmari Botha


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Elle China November 2012


ELLE: How would you describe your dressing style?

Anmari: I like dark color, do not like putting too many colors on my body, aspire to cosy and loose clothes.

ELLE: What part of Maison Martin Margiela you like the most?

Anmari: Its unique style!

ELLE: When you know Maison Martin Margiela collaborate with H&M, what do you think?

Anmari: It's hard to imagine Margiela's design appears to high street brands, but it means everyone can buy the real chic clothes! That's really great!

ELLE: Which piece would you choose from the collection?

Anmari: A loose black dress, paired with a belt. It suits my style.

ELLE: How would you collocate it?

Anmari: There are too many ways. You can pair it with a jeans as a top, or wear it alone as a dress.

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"Nova Era" ("New Era") for Vogue Brazil February 2013

Photographer: Giampaolo Sgura

Stylist: Yasmine Sterea

Hair: Andrew M. Guida

Make-up: Niki M'Ray

Casting: Piergiorgio Del Moro

Models: Anmari Botha + Unnamed male models

Source: Visual Optimism (visualoptimism.blogspot.com)

post-3311-0-1446133245-47631_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1446133245-66759_thumb.jpg

post-3311-0-1446133245-86712_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1446133245-89689_thumb.jpg

post-3311-0-1446133245-91841_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1446133245-94315_thumb.jpg

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