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That ONe Movie

Jimmy Changa

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Dude, I saw that one moive tongith. I was so fuckin cool. You know, that one, that had that guy and that chick they wer e doing that shit over at that one place. Fuack that was so cool. And that dude's friend, you know the one with that thing that happend to him that one time a long time ago...on shit, that guy was cool. But what was the best was his girlfriend. Sure, she wasn't in there much but MAN she was fuckin HOT. Dude, I wish I could figger ougt wat her name is. ANyway, remember the part were the guy went over to that place where the bad guy lived and fuckin told him off...that was soo cool. The end, well maybe I souldnt give it away but I tell you waht...it was SO COOL.

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