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Ana Kha

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Name: Ana Kha aka Ana Stoliarova-Khawaja

Nationality: Lithuanian

Born: 1985

Height: 5'11"


Eyes: BLUE

Bust: 34B

Waist: 24

Hips: 34

Dress Size: 2-4

Shoe Size: 9


Photogenics- Los Angeles

?- Milan

?- Lithuania


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Cosmopolitan UK- July 2011

High Street Hit List

Ph: David Leslie Anthony

Fashion: Sairey Stemp

Hair: Jason Stanton

MUA: Anthony Gordon

Assistant Natasha Giuotto

post-43653-0-1446104543-06733_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446104543-08126_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446104543-10547_thumb.jpg


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shes a painter now


Ana Stoliarova-Khawaja, known as Ana Kha, is a self-taught, contemporary abstract painter,

born in little town Klaipeda, Lithuania, on the Baltic Sea in 1985. During her high school time,

she was exploring painting and pottery, gaining her basic knowledge about art.


At the age of 17 Ana started to work as a model. She traveled the world from

East to West, posed for many fashion designers, walked the runway, finally settling in

Los Angeles in 2006. Since then, Ana devoted her time for painting, starting from small

scale canvases, moving toward a bigger scale. Most of the time she works from her own

studio in West Hollywood.


When viewing Ana's portfolio for the first time one is under the belief that

the works presented are the creations of several talented artists. The diverse

collection however are the efforts of just one.


The artist puts her palette of strong colors to emotive effect, creating moods.

The results are expressive, magnificent to behold






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