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Kendra Anderson


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Age? 15

Where did you grow up? Kalispell, Montana

Was it very fashionable? Definitely not. If you asked 20 people who Anna Wintour is, my bet would be one of the 20 may know.

Did you grow up reading magazines? Yes.

Were you tall? I have always been the "tall girl."

How were you discovered? My family and I were on vacation on the Oregon coast and a modeling scout happened to drive by and see me. The scout made her husband turn the car around so she could come talk to my mom. The rest is history.

What has been your dream campaign? Either Mui Mui or Versace.

Whose runway have you always wanted to walk? The Victoria's Secret show. I have always wanted to be an "Angel."

Have you accomplished these goals? Not yet as I just started, but I have big plans.

Whose look are you obsessed with right now? My friend Marihenny Rivera Passible. She is a new face on the runways this year and is such an amazing person.

What is your favorite city? My hometown; I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

For vacation? Los Angeles.

For work? New York.

What is your favorite food? Hands down, spaghetti.

Tell us about your first shoot? I was 13 when I did my first test shoot. The photographer said it looked like I had been doing this my whole life. Looking back I think I was just too young to realize it was a big deal.

How do you prepare to walk? I've only walked in one show, which was for Guess by Marciano line. The show was on my 14th birthday. I had a blast!

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