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Two Requests ...

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Does anyone know these girls?

1. ph. by Eleanor Hardwick

W13239045721796937_1.jpg W13239045721796937_2.jpg W13239045721796937_3.jpg W13239045721796937_4.jpg

2. ph. by Bruno Dayan for Tosca Blu

post-774-0-1446438892-81177_thumb.gif post-774-0-1446438892-86625_thumb.gif

... I think I know the second one, but I can't remember her name ... :no:

source: serlinassociates.com

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1. the mua for that pic is Holly Bellm who works in London. So this model probably has an agency in London.

found it Katy Dron.

It was from an editorial

GARDEN OF SECRETS Stills with Eleanor Harwick, July 2010. Makeup by Holly Bellm, Syling by Eleanor Hardwick, Model: Katy Drone

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