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22years old

HEIGHT: 6'1"






SHOE SIZE: 11/12

With LA Models , photogenics



Place of Origin:

Born in Los Angeles, CA. Lived most of my life in San Pedro, California.

Ethnic Origin:

½ Croatian ½ French Canadian



How discovered:

Very cool story �" I actually just walked into LA Models with two pictures, a headshot and a body shot that the agency required (that I had seen on their website the night before). I had the two pictures printed from CVS Pharmacy about 3 hrs prior to walking in, and about an hour later and 60 or so models from other agencies being booted, I was selected to be in New Faces �" Men @ LA Models. Very Lucky.

Favorite things:

I love peanut butter so much. Especially eating peanut butter right out of the jar. I love ice hockey, I love watching movies, and I just love sports in general. I love competitive things.

Favorite music, band:

Bone Thugs and Harmony. I love rap, I’m not like a poser white boy or anything, I just really like rap and the rap beat.


Ice hockey, swimming. Lately, I have taken up modeling as a true hobby. I love working and I love modeling. I have been working quite a bit, and I love doing this for a living. And I plan to keep working hard at this and excelling to my fullest potential.

Favorite piece of clothing:

I actually do not have that many pairs of clothes, I am a jeans, plain shirt, and a flannel type of guy and a backwards hat. So favorite piece of clothing, definitely a LA hat or NY hat.

Favorite artist (any kind):

Steven Meisel. I was actually lucky enough to work with Steven Meisel, and being a fan of his work I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. But it did for two days, and it was truly phenomenal. We shot for an Italian Vogue editorial called Air Supply.

Place you would love to visit:

I’d love love love to go back to Croatia. I had gone in high school with one of my friends for 6 weeks during the summer. I would love to go back. I think I have to go back. Maybe if I go to Milan for modeling I can just go right across the Adriatic sea and visit my ancestors again. One of the coolest things in Croatia, where my family is from, almost the whole town were Ursich’s (my last name). So cool. I would recommend everyone to go Croatia, especially during the summer.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:

Traveling, traveling the world. And to do it thru modeling would be so extraordinary.

text : models.com

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L.A. Confidential | Peter Ursich by Richard Pier Petit

At a Glance�"Next up in our Los Angeles lineup is Photogenics model Peter Ursich, captured if course by Richard Pier Petit. Easily, an editorial type of boy, Peter just returned from Milan, where he shot about a dozen stories. Now, he just needs to tap the New York market and we’re golden. / Grooming by Ernesto Casillas.

post-35117-0-1446027222-21425_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446027222-22443_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446027222-27847_thumb.jpg


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CHAOS magazine, The love issue Fall 2011 :heart:

(more pics with peter in this issue but i don't have them)



post-35117-0-1446027225-74941_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446027225-80065_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446027225-83991_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446027225-87535_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446027225-93044_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446027226-01859_thumb.jpg

vincent-ko.com, thefashionisto.com

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Photos alexander habesland

Hair & Make-up by:Notburga Zoeggeler and Elena Tagliapietra

Alexander_Habesland_Do_You_Remember_002.jpg Alexander_Habesland_Do_You_Remember_001.jpg

alexander habesland.blogspot.com

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"Restraint and Seclusion "

Photos alexander habesland

Styled by: Veronica Mazziotta and Diana Prince

Hair & Make-up by: Notburga Zoeggeler and Elena Tagliapietra


Calin Sitar @ I Love Model Management Milan

Giacomo Della Maestra @ I Love Model Management Milan

Davide Faggioli @ I Love Model Management Milan

Peter Ursich @ I Love Model Management Milan

Mario Skaric @ Independent Model Management Milan

Matthieu Inglese @ Independent Model Management Milan

Alexander_Habesland_Restraint_and_Seclusion_012.jpg Alexander_Habesland_Restraint_and_Seclusion_007.jpg Alexander_Habesland_Restraint_and_Seclusion_008.jpg Alexander_Habesland_Restraint_and_Seclusion_009.jpg Alexander_Habesland_Restraint_and_Seclusion_010.jpg Alexander_Habesland_Restraint_and_Seclusion_011.jpg

alexander habesland.blogspot.com

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