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hi all and question :-)


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hi all

iam from and live in south africa; durban

ive been collecting scans for quite sometime; i collect by imager at the moment i got about 15 000ish scans that ive collected the imagers that i collect vary but so far include almighty, ar'ondite, b14, beautyscan, blackbeared, bradvei, dawg, digiuser, dsera, f2k, imf arel, jarhead, kozik, nerble, nine scans, nss, palantir, phoenix scan, redsnow, saric scan, shedevil, spawn, tux scans, valiant, venom scan, warscan , wscan, zeitgeist and also various other victoria secret scans and such from forums.

currently i collect from bunker7 on irc , my main interest to collect is victoria secret scans and such type material or similar.

my question is ... can anyone help me where to find other scanning channels in irc such as bunker7, iam used to collecting by csv as i collect by imager.

thanks for the help and all


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