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Anna Cleveland


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Nationality: Dutch

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Date of birth: March 19 1989

Place of birth: The Netherlands

Fashion Shows

Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2003 {Fendi}

Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2004 {Emporio Armani, Stephen Burrows}

Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2005 {D&G, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi}

Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2005 {D&G, Imitation of Christ, Pollini}

Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2006 {Stephen Burrows, United Bamboo}

Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2006 {Threeasfour}

Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2007 {Stephen Burrows}

Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2007 {Threeasfour}

Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2009 {Stephen Burrows}

Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2009 {Stephen Burrows}

Resort 2010 {Carolina Herrera, Diane von Furstenberg, Zac Posen}

Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2010 {Albino, Barbara Tfank, Diane von Furstenberg, Stephen Burrows, Tuleh, Zac Posen}

Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2010 {Zac Posen}

Resort 2011 {Zac Posen}

Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2011 {Z Spoke by Zac Posen, Zac Posen}

Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2012 {Zac Posen}





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she does tons of runway


Yes,she does,not so much,it's usually Zac Posen and Stephen Burrows,but she does and her thread needs some runway updates.



if you go back a few seasons, you will find more of her. She is based in New York now because her family moved her but she was discovered in Europe. If you go through the Haute Coutre Shows in Paris and Milan starting about 10 years ago until maybe four years ago you will find her.  I know she walked for Dior. If I remember I will post them but I am focusing on print right now. 

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