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can't believe no one has posted it yet!!!

HARD CANDY is the name of Madonna's 11th studio album, with collaborations like Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell and a few others!!

It will be released in the US on April 29th!

And the first single "4 minutes" with Justin Timberlake will be released at the end of this month!

can't wait!!!!!!!!! Although I'm still hung up on Confessions on a dancefloor! That CD totally rocked!!

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Madonna's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

(320x180 86,7MB about 40 minutes long, not the best picture quality but it's still good)

thanks to the guys @ madonnalicious forum!

Justin's speech was so funny!!! And I loved the bit of story with the B-12 shot!

Madonna's speech was very touching!!! LOVE HER!!!

some photos:

th_44558_RocknRoll_HallofFame2008_01_122_904lo.jpg post-5619-0-1445988901-87494_thumb.jpg th_44563_RocknRoll_HallofFame2008_03_122_1011lo.jpg post-5619-0-1445988902-08114_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445988902-10459_thumb.jpg

post-5619-0-1445988902-12726_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445988902-13759_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445988902-1608_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445988902-17112_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445988902-20594_thumb.jpg

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