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My Scans of VS catalogs.

VS Clothing Sale II 1998 - (Summer) - pages 30-31 - 32 - 33:

Daniela Peštová, Basia Milewicz, Heidi Klum, Eva Herzigova, Elaine Irwin, Ines Rivero and one unknown.

thumb-7375_4E2EEA8E.jpg thumb-3A38_4E2EEA8E.jpg thumb-DEBC_4E2EEA8E.jpg thumb-48DF_4E2EEA8E.jpg

thumb-1AC0_4E2EEA8E.jpg thumb-FD7C_4E2EE8FC.jpg thumb-AF39_4E2EE8FC.jpg thumb-CF9C_4E2EE8FC.jpg

thumb-63F7_4E2EE8FC.jpg thumb-8B58_4E2EE8FC.jpg thumb-458A_4E2EE77D.jpg thumb-A5A2_4E2EE77D.jpg

thumb-4950_4E2EE77D.jpg thumb-E5A7_4E2EE77D.jpg thumb-046A_4E2EE77D.jpg

SHARE THESE IMAGES! But credit the scanner. Thanks.

Could be Meghan Douglas?

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Yeah I've got some LORRI BAGLEY. Not sure if I have that one you're describing. Check this thread from time to time as I will be posting more vintage VS.

Post whatever you've got and I'll be happy to check it over myself. :) Also and especially, the exquisite cat-eyed Jill Goodacre, and the yummy-yummy-yummy Heather Stewart-Whyte - my two favorites..

There's another completely obscure VS model I loved - Anja Kneller. Your scan:


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