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Raica Oliveira


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beautiful sweet-lady !

and jewels im loving this pics ;)


i think you are talking to dani and not me! :p

thanks dani, it's not repost! :wave:

new to me: :wub:

TRUE ! :whistle:

so :whistle: rry .. is the costume in raica's thread say thanks to you ;)

so .. thanks DANI lol

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New pics.

Arriving back in Madrid after spending christmas holiday in Brazil.

Ana Beatriz Barros, Heidi Klum (with the father of her first child), Raica... Why do supermodels like ugly men ?? :blink:

ronaldo is not ugly, and i think he is sexy! :evil:

somehow i KNEW a girl would tell me that Ronaldo ain't ugly... lol tous les go

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