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Tori Praver

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Instagram @ toripraver


Watch out Kauai! Here we come! #weddingweek

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Wowee! Your new signature says, well, that a pic is worth a 1,000 words, especially of my babble words, as I have said before!  :clap:


Those girls are so striking, expressive and mischievous, they combine to make your sig so wonderfully minimalist; it makes an quite an impact to my eyeballs in one split second.


Your avi girl has such smoldering cheek bones covered with such flawless skin and with as striking light eyes against dark hair as the mischievous modelina in your sig.  


Her gaze, however, is as riveting, as I think I said in my last post, and as I realize now, upon "refreshment," that they could follow you rivetingly across a room as the Mona Lisa's eyes appear to follow the viewer in a pic or moving back and forth in front of the real painting!  :)


I hope you and the rest of Tori Nation :grouphug:  have a re-energizing and fun weekend! Hopefully, Tori herself and her family will, hopefully, have a similar one, too, as their wedding approaches perhaps with some planning details to which they have to attend as their big day comes closer and quicker.


As a CEO with exemplary organizational skills and some help, Tori's and Danny's wedding will go as picture perfectly as their practice-run showed in an a beautiful set of their "informal wedding" in a great shoot several months ago.  :wave:


Yes, Darla Baker and Cintia Dicker did a wonderful job on this shoot, thanks for noticing.  Minimalist, I like that.  And Barbara Palvin :wub:  is always a revelation.


Also, I hope Tori's wedding will go off without a hitch (except for them, I want them to get hitched :heythere:).  Everyone have a good week and I do hope for some ridiculously cute pics of the wedding.

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Wowee, Laura___, 2324lebron, and Baybola, helped move Tori's BZ pages to number one-forty-three!  :clap:


I hope their wedding weekend and Tori Nation's :grouphug:  will be long, sweet and slow. :wave:   

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Thanks for sharing misspraver :flower:

Very excited for them :heart:

And her baby looks so damn cute on the wedding :wub::Angel:

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Thanks, Babylola, for a Winter-Solstice treat from a natural-born beauty!


Yesterday was the shortest day in the year with more daylight coming  incrementally until Tori-- if not warmth in some parts of the world.


Tori, the June baby, celebrates her b-day on 04 JUNE and the Summer Solstice, the longest day, arrives on 21 June or so, not that long as Tori Nation's starlet was born.


Hopefully, those Southern folks, Southern Hemisphere (like Donbot), that is, can bask in Tori's glow at this time of year thanks to your post and incredible FB fansite as their daylight disappears little by little for until June!


Happy Holidays and New Year to Tori and her family, her friends and to Tori Nation!


I hope everyone is healthy and happy and can find time for family, friends, food, fun, and . . . rest from all of the above as needed ;)!  

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