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Weird Monitor?

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Okay, I was going to search through google about this but I have to be out of the door in about two seconds so I thought I'd ask you guys instead.

First, the home computer (which I rarely use) has four profiles on it. Me, my mom, my sister and my stepdad. Now when logging onto my mom's profile, everything seems to be fine. However, when you log onto mine or my stepdad's the screen goes wonky. It's positioned to the left and much smaller than it should be. I don't know if this happens on my sister's as I haven't checked.

Any idea what the heck is going on? You can fix it by hitting the buttons on the front of the monitor to fix position and size, so I was half thinking it could be the calibration or something (which for this stupid thing wouldn't surprise me). I've never heard of a virus doing that, but I wouldn't be surpised if it was something related to that since these people are notorious for opening any and all attachments they get in emails.

Anyway, if anyone has any idea, throw it my way. I am now off to Art History to take my hour nap :yuckky:

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Probabaly the refresh rate and/or screen rez is diffrent. Right click on your desktop -> properties , go to the last tab "Settings" Check the resolution is the same as on the one that works well. Then go to Advanced, in there you should see a refresh rate somewhere (each video card is diffrent, so youll have to look around the tabs, itll say like 60Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz....) Select the right one and click ok. Try that for starters. Hope taht helps :)

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