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Anna Zanovello


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Model Call: New York's Finest


Age: 22

Agency: Wilhelmina

Number of shows: 6 including Theyskens’ Theory, Donna Karan and Altuzarra (opened)

How do you feel?

I’ve had an ecstatic experience. It was full of unexpected surprises. One thing I did expect, I am so physically tired from running around New York. I can’t wait to sleep a full eight hours.

What outfit did you enjoy wearing the most?

Definitely my look from the Altuzarra show. Once I put it on, I felt so attached to it. I didn’t want to take it off.

What was the best trade or goodie bag swag you’ve gotten?

The boots from Theory. Olivier gave them to all of us. They are these really cool black military boots and they’re so comfortable.

What show had the best catering?

DKNY. They had a lot of every kind of food: sweet, hot, cold. Oh, and the most amazing cookies.

What was the best moment?

No doubt in my mind: opening the Altuzarra show. One of the most adrenalin-pumping experiences of my life.


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Model Mania

Perhaps started by Caterina Ravaglia, there seems to be a new breed of Italian model rising through the ranks. Behold Anna Zanovello. Looking more Nordic than Mediterranean, the towering blonde had an impressive show season, walking for Theyskens, Altuzarra, DKNY, Philosophy and Dolce & Gabbana, of course. With a debut like this, there's no stopping the signorina. Viva l'Italia!


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