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On 11/9/2018 at 12:02 PM, oliviaa said:

She was doing fine without VS for years being commercial model and she is doing great without VS now when she gets more high fashion jobs. She hasn't missed anything.


She certainly hasn't missed anything but it would be a good collaboration I'd love to see.

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Madame Figaro Magazine (France), Nov 16 '18

Matthew Brookes photos

w/ Stella Maxwell


1015213310708_00_d203c81033345944.jpg 1015213310708_01_171c7e1033346154.jpg 1015213310708_02_5ed9201033346474.jpg 1015213310708_03_c3775a1033346794.jpg 1015213310708_04_8de6a71033347104.jpg 1015213310708_05_1848221033347474.jpg 1015213310708_06_be04191033347784.jpg 1015213310708_07_75235e1033347924.jpg 1015213310708_08_58fe6c1033348074.jpg 1015213310708_09_44581b1033348214.jpg 1015213310708_10_4b70d51033348344.jpg 1015213310708_11_6c946d1033348494.jpg index.jpg index.jpg2.jpg

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Saw this edit from @irina.shayk.lovers, wish she would have walked this year.


22 minutes ago, Maggiemay said:

I always love her photos with Stella! I think they are an amazing team

Yes me too. They look great together.


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