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Lisa Ward

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  • Ahkay. So I've asked about other Beth Studenberg models on here before and,
    surprisingly, actually found out their names. (Yay Sandra Kubicka for being a
    super helpful person as well as an amazing model) And now I'm at it again.
    This girl (below) is in the new Beth Studenberg shoot for Alyssa Pizer Management.
    If you know her name I would be THRILLED to hear it. I've been searching for weeks now.
    And a friend of mine has been searching for months.
    Help please!? <3
    The rest of the shoot can be found here:
Other potentially helpful links are:
Beth Studenberg's site: http://www.bethstudenberg.com/
Alyssa Pizer Management's site: http://www.alyssapizer.com/



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