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Tony Ward

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someone is in a Tony Ward mood. lolllllllllllllll

might ahve to ake a vid of him for a certain bff if she wants it that is

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NameAnthony Borden WardDate of Birth June 10, 1963 Height180cm/5'10"Shoe Size42.5 EU/10.5 US/9.5 UKHair colorBrownEye colorHazelSuit40 regularWaist 32 HoroscopeGemini

  • Born to Robert Borden Ward, from Kansas, and Karen Elizabeth Castro, who grew up in Northern California
  • born in Santa Cruz, CA and grew up in San Jose, CA
  • Model career began 1981
  • has three children together with Shinobu Sato Ward: Tora (Tiger) Dali Sato Ward, Lilli Tatsu (Dragon) Sato Ward and Ruby Love Sato Ward (Sato means sugar in Japanese)
  • Model, Actor, Artist, Photographer, Designer, Painter, Writer, Producer, Director
  • Lives in L.A.
  • has 26 tattoos

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AAG Jeans IIceberg AllSaints JJavaanse Jongens Alternative Apparel J. Lindeberg Armand Basi Justin Davis Aubin and Wills KKappAhlBBacardi Rum LLevi´s Baldessarini La Maison Simons Bailey Hat MMustang Belvedere Vodka NNK Blue System Noir JewelryCCalvin Klein Nordstrom Camel OOdyn Vovk Cavalli Perfum Otto Cinque PPalmers Citizens Of Humanity Parasuco Chanel SSelected Code Bleu Sky VodkaDDewars Whisky Six In The Face DeLeón Tequila Sisley Desigual VVolvo Dolce et Gabbana WWrangler Diesel ZZylosEEluxury FFendi GGuess HHause of Howe H.I.S. H & M

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2009 SeptemberFILLER Online Magazine, The First Issue Photography by NOAH SCHUTZinterview

While Tony Ward and Daniel Louis Rivas were waiting for their independent film, One Lucky S.O.B., to get green lit, they started investigating other creative avenues. Daniel, a painter for many years, knew Tony had been keenly involved in art and photography, so he arranged for them to have a show.

“We just decided that we have a good time hanging and laughing and contriving the next fiasco,” says Tony. “It only seemed right that we stop wasting precious seconds of our lives and make some paintings, make some money, make some new friends, and live fucking life like true artists … loudly!”

Herewith is an artistic conversation of loud proportions:

How has the experience of painting helped you make any sense of life?

DANIEL: I try and stay in the moment. It’s the connection in all things living & non-living that makes up the vaults in our mind. You don’t want to hold on to the perfect moment forever. It’s letting it go that gives this its real value. We are just documenting the experience of existence. We were here, trust me.

TONY: Doing these paintings is like a swift kick in the balls that sucks your breath away. I am a mad person when I paint, when I create. I want to shove my cock into LIFE and fuck the daylights out of it and serve it up on a tray for the world to gaze upon!

Uhh, okay. What were the challenges of collaborating on this project and sharing a single canvas?

DANIEL: No unique minds are similar. The more we disagree and see each other’s point of view, the longer we can maintain our creativity together. The harder it, is the longer we can sustain the freshness of the always-changing world.

TONY: Danny is faster than me at doing his thing. I am much slower and have to meditate and find the images in my mind, and then I am so damn anal about my technical and how I will achieve a specific image in my mind onto the canvas. I was never schooled for painting so every time I step to the canvas I am giving myself a great challenge, like realistic cadaver parts, reptiles, or, of late, a giant Dodo bird.

DANIEL: Painting on a canvas is a moment and passing feeling that you have to act on, or it forever vanishes. I am an action painter.

TONY: We are two totally different humans. He uses mainly one brush, his favourite, I need many, and have lots, and I am always complaining I need more. He jerks off fast, I jerk it slowly, methodically. He attacks the canvas, I stare at it, stare it down hard!

You got to paint over one another’s work. How did you handle the emotions?

DANIEL: That’s when the ego has to take a backseat to creation and revelation. At first, it was frustrating, but I’ve learned to accept and trust this experiment of ours will reveal more truth in the end. I pace a lot when it’s Tony’s turn at the canvas, or I take a nap, and hold my breath and pray for the best.

TONY: I got over it, especially because it’s mostly me doing the over-painting and him pacing around behind me. Now, I just don’t give a shit. I think it shifted to “what-the-fuck-ever!” when Danny varnished over one of the paintings I particularly loved with a dirty brush and fucked the motherfucking painting up. That has become a part of the art now.

DANIEL: Sometimes it’s like birth or rebirth, and sometimes it’s like going to the dentist. But having the dentist be a really rad, hot chick with double D’s and thick extraterrestrial lips.

You definitely have some distinct approaches to the canvas.

DANIEL: I am trying to shed the lizard skin and become the man I was meant to be, putting the pain back in painting.

TONY: Everything kind of disappears when I paint—just a brush, colour, and sweat dripping down my forehead into my eyes. I want to believe I can do anything; as a matter of fact, I know there is nothing creative that I cannot do. I just have to wrap my mind around it and step to it!

Is the collaboration why your paintings often explore the notion of identity?

TONY: Identity is liquid, gaseous, vapour trails, it’s perfect like that. Like a smelly wet fart! If I am trying to say anything in my art, it’s STOP with the identity thing, it’s killing you! I don’t self ID, I think it is crippling and self hatred. I LOVE MY QUANTUM REALITY!

Are the masks in your paintings another form of identity?

DANIEL: The masks represent our transitions from what the world labels us to what we really are at the core. What you think of me is not really what I am. Are feelings facts or fleeting ego? I’ve always been obsessed with masks from every region & time period. Aztec masks, African masks. The everyday masks we wear to get through this experience. The world is trying to kill us. The cigarette companies, the alcohol companies, the fast food companies. Where do we draw the line and just be us in a world of ignorance? Is the mask permanently glued on our faces? That’s why we titled a painting, and called our last New York show, “Is That Your Real Meat Face?”

TONY: Everybody mentions masks. They are not masks! I reveal what is under masks!!!

How has this project unmasked the relationship between the two of you?

DANIEL: It has made us more in tune with what the other is going through at the present moment. Being an artist, actor, model, hooker, waitress, it’s all time. Tony and I are hustling and trying to have fun, feed our families, staying one step ahead of the landlord and the law and surviving the best we can.

Moonlighting is a part of the hustling game, do you consider yourselves more artists now than actors or models?

DANIEL: I think any good, interesting actor is an artist and writer regardless. When you hire me for your movie or your TV show, you get a perspective, a point of view. I live my life with a box of colours that I drag from mystery to mystery. I’ve never been straight off the bus from the mid-west. I am not an L.A. fuck doll.

TONY: Fuck all that model and actor bullshit!!! It’s a monkey’s job, and it’s getting to be just as glamorous as working at Der Wienerschnitzel.

I was born an artist, I just had to give myself permission to go for it. I have lots to do while I’m still sucking air, and I’d like to leave some hot form of legacy for my children. I look at living life as an art form— it’s not just the obvious, “Hey this is my art thingy!” I am an artist in every minute of my existence. I could be painting, making clothes, gardening, cooking, acting, sexing, taking a crap, whatever. I am an artist.

A crap, huh? Well, speaking more figuratively, what does the creative process drives out of you?

DANIEL: The hilarity of heartbreak. Travelling around the world making movies. In love, in hate, awake or asleep. With money and without money. How come I’ve always been so fucking weird? Figuring out what I am going to do with the rest of my life. The demons! The hope and the regret.

TONY: Vomitous layers of gut, bile and plaque! I believe in the exorcism of the creative process, especially while painting. I’ve gotten so worked up I have cried while painting, jerked off—not on my painting—sang, laughed … Really, the best is the shit it drives out of my head!!!

Once it’s all driven out and it’s there on the canvas, what do you see as being beautiful in both your art and art in genreral?

DANIEL: I think beauty is a feeling. I find beauty in the action of the moments, movements, and the attack on the canvas. Have you ever been punched really hard in the face? The first thing you see is what’s most absurdly beautiful.

TONY: Beauty is when someone is screaming their feelings out in the art. I just know beauty when I feel it!

Last question, what do you hope your audience takes away from viewing your collection?

TONY: I hope it inspires you all to speak, loudly, your mind. Whenever, wherever, and to stir up the muck!!! PEACE, YOU HOT FUCKERS!!!

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2010 June JulyRUSSH Magazine AustraliaBUNNY AIN´T NO KIND OF RIDER!

Ieva Laguna and Tony Ward

Photography by Will Davidson

Tony Ward hit the world stage in his smalls in 1983 for Calvin Klein. Ward – Madonna’s former beau and one of the many between the sheets of her infamous Sex book – has since worked with the likes of Herb Ritts, Karl Lagerfeld and Steven Meisel. With his own name – Mr Ward – inked on his chest (in a heart, close to the heart and kept company by 21 other tatts), he now adds RUSSH to his long list of conquests.

I was spotted at...

Trixx – bein’ a tramp, no doubt. But, if you mean when I was discovered to be an objet d’art, well, I was failingly attending to my higher learning at West Valley College in Saratoga when a sweet pervey history teacher named Joe House spotted my tight nubile freshness and proceeded to run the game down to me. The you-are-amazingly-beautiful-and-have-you-ever-considered-being-a-model deal. I asked, with a stupid wry smile, “What the hell is that?” He said, “I think your could be a STAR”. I said, “Uuuuuuhhhh, what? OK!”

I never thought I...

Would be President of the United States. Never had a desire to, actually.

First impressions are...

Often really fucked and they should never be trusted!

To unwind after a hard day’s work I like to...

Pinch myself and try to wake up from the hilarious tragicomedy of su-reality.

Right now, I’m listening to...

The Patient by TOOL on the album Lateralus.

I couldn’t live without...

My children: Tora, Lilli and Ruby.

The last movie I watched was…

That was any good!? Ong Bak 2. Tony Jaa could crack the world in half with his knees, elbows and shins!

The last book I read was...

Poems by Billy Childish.

My biggest indulgence in life is...

Taking self portraits.

One of my favourite jobs so far has been...

Laying Keystone tiles in the Florida Keys while I was on a seven-month drug rehab vacation.

I always wanted to...

Be a primo ballerino!

The best advice I was ever given was...

Don’t get a nose job!

My biggest regret is...

That I don’t have any.

My career highlight is...

Coming – my photographic autobiography.

If I could drive anything on the road, it’d be...

My beat-down 91 Honda Accord … after I drop a jet engine in it!

On the weekend, you’ll find me...

I hope NOT!

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2009 May

WM_logo.jpgwhitehot | May 2009

Kofi Forson in Conversation with Tony Ward

Tony Ward, artist, actor, model icon, first made his imprint on the scene as model by working with acclaimed fashion photographers as the late Herb Ritts and Steven Meisel. He gained a sense of notoriety in music videos, Justify My Love, Erotica, among many others. A legendary role in the low- budget film Hustler White added to his misterioso appeal. A burgeoning career as an artist in the early 1990’s has resulted in his current status as painter. He along with his partner, Daniel Rivas will soon undertake what he calls "a rock and roll art tour", making stops through Europe.

Kofi Forson: It was great to see you the other day. What were you doing in New York?

Tony Ward: I was there to shoot a cover story for Tokion Magazine.

This would mean a modeling job?

Actually it’s based on my art work with my partner Daniel Rivas. I came up with an idea for a portrait…kinda like Richard Avedon. For the cover shot we recreated one of our paintings. I am Daniel’s character and he is mine. It’s really a bizarre painting called Give Me Head…

How long have you been painting?

I started painting around the early 90’s for about four years during the time when I was hanging out with Lady M. She wanted to see me develop as an artist. She helped me get art supplies as well as an agent but that was at a serious time in my life when I was a mad-drunk-drug addict-fool. (Laughter)

What happened to these paintings?

Honestly some of these paintings were done while I was in rehab. I painted only on found objects, plywood for example. I did some paintings in Japan on paper. All of those paintings have dispersed into the universe. Some people have some of these original pieces. Others I gave away. I painted for about four years then I quit. I picked up the camera and started shooting.

Back during the time of Lady M. she must’ve taken you through some art circles. Did you get a chance to meet artists you admired…perhaps work with some of them?

Strangely enough I just met Francesco Clemente. Seriously I haven’t met notable painters. I met David Hockney years ago. (Sigh) Funny about me I’m more interested in the energy of artists.

There has to be artists in general who have inspired you.

My favorite painter when I became aware of art was Picasso. A lot of people start out with that rudimentary style of painting. Painters are interesting to me…Toulouse Lautrec, Egon Schile, Francis Bacon…I love Russian Propaganda art. I love artists who are anguished in their art like Van Gogh. I guess artists I’m impressed with are not around any more (Laughter)

So then how important is the bio of an artist to the art?

I think it’s vital. I think of myself as a millennium painter. I’m recording in time and history what I’m experiencing today. Decades from now they can say this is a recording of humanity…encapsulated in my point of view. What I’m doing at the moment is colorful but there’s a heavy subject matter and commentary underneath it all. I try to keep it raw whether I’m painting a dick or someone’s brain splattered open. It’s an example of what I’m thinking about or how I view life in the present day.

How do you explain the idea of being a successful male model and living the role of an artist…be it tragic or not?

Let me make a quick comment on the tragedy aspect. I don’t view myself as a tragic artist. I lived a fantasy much like the Dash Snow and Terry Richardson’s of the world. People who live this dark and ugly thing we go through. (Sigh) Before I went into my second rehab I was doing a lot of painting and I was on heroin. I was shooting heroin. It was my reality at the time. I had an epiphany, awareness and an awakening. I actualized that romantic ideology of being a suffering person. I’m speaking more truthfully. I try to put my clarity into what I’m currently working on. Thing is if you’re on crack, heroin, alcohol, absinthe or whatever…that’s your vision. That’s your view of life. The art is created and filtered through that substance. As for now I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. I’m very conscious of what I’m doing and saying. I’m not suffering anymore.

It must be difficult to deal with how the media portrays you?

I think with time the image becomes broader. I’ll just make this quick comment. I lost a lot of jobs based on how people portrayed me…whether as an ex-porno star or hustler it all relates to me because we’re hustlers in our own way on whatever level. If you’re a dirty mother-fucker or a good guy getting off on a thing, whatever your thing is we do a job and get paid.

Your film credits include Hustler White. Are there any films we should look out for?

Yeah, Story of Jen…It opens in Paris on June 10.

I can’t help but ask you about Mickey Rourke.

I’ve known Mickey for a long time. We used to hang a bit.

Seems like it’s not a forgiving industry but good to see him make a triumphant return.

It’s interesting how people almost destroy themselves…Always great to see a comeback. (Sigh) I’m almost 46. I’m still modeling.

What plans do you have for your paintings?

Danny and I have put together an art tour.

Is this like a rock and roll art tour?

We were painting on the same canvas. The response was so good we decided to stick with the collaboration. We found ourselves a manager. Now we’re headed to Amsterdam and other places in Europe.

Congratulations on your work for the new GUESS campaign.

Thanks. It was worth the wait.

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Here is a first look at the unofficial movie poster of JUNKIE, starring Robert LaSardo and Daniel Louis Rivas.

Mr Ward is the co-producer of the film, even though there were plans for him to play a part, but that didn't happen. Directed and co-written by Adam Mason and in post-procuction now.

A pitch black comedy about two heavily addicted, drug addled brothers, Danny(Daniel Louis Rivas) and Nicky(Robert LaSardo). When Danny decides he's going clean, Nicky reacts aggressively, driving Danny from one insane experience to another as a whole host of bizarre, surreal characters descend on their house, all with grievances to bear, debts to reclaim or trouble to cause. It quickly becomes apparent that Nicky is a malevolent influence on his brother, an impish nightmare hellbent on Danny's self-destruction.

As Danny's life spirals out of control he must fight tooth and nail to kick the habit and rescue himself from the personal hell Nicky has consigned him to, whilst simultaneously attempting to repair the deeply damaged relationships with his increasingly bizarre friends and family.

This movie will be at festivals soon! So watch out, more soon here!


from tony-ward.com

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