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Elizabeth Olsen

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Elizabeth Chase "Lizzie" Olsen (born February 16, 1989) is an American actress and is the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. She did theater as a child and has appeared in many of her sisters' productions. She is a graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and the Atlantic Theater Company. Olsen graduated from Campbell Hall School in 2007.

Source: wikipedia.org

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"Martha Marcy May Marlene" Press Conference at the 64th Cannes Film Festival -> 15th May 2011

Source: tlfan.to

97b645133543036.jpg 1343a2133543042.jpg ee3755133543049.jpg 7ffc19133543065.jpg 3244cb133547234.jpg 7e907b133549556.jpg 3dbbf1133549570.jpg e991d6133549583.jpg f0f6db133551930.jpg 4b9286133551940.jpg 28cd33133551949.jpg d2aeb5133555078.jpg 323522133555086.jpg d2aeb5133557148.jpg 323522133557153.jpg b0aa7b133557602.jpg 58f22f133558205.jpg 0fd5fa133562453.jpg ac456d133563316.jpg 182c4e133564093.jpg 27e7c1133564105.jpg 182c4e133620344.jpg 27e7c1133620346.jpg da74ca133624165.jpg 00a2f7133624170.jpg 65b7ba133626391.jpg 7fd284133626688.jpg fd8af3133626693.jpg 2317a5133626787.jpg 50ee15133626940.jpg 961a73133627076.jpg 226293133627323.jpg e50391133627783.jpg 405f81133627790.jpg 048cd4133627797.jpg 660593133628666.jpg d9d5db133628675.jpg 6da46a133628684.jpg 8f57ff133637404.jpg 8f3384133638178.jpg 1fd9ef133638187.jpg c2b354133638191.jpg 8f3384133639233.jpg 1fd9ef133639245.jpg c2b354133639251.jpg f142f5133639837.jpg 678513133640299.jpg 11ec0d133640983.jpg 4f9d4d133640989.jpg 8f361b133641760.jpg fe6e84133641764.jpg da1bca133641773.jpg 247045133642594.jpg 820e73133643383.jpg 4cb97c133643387.jpg 82f9e0133646585.jpg 6bb0c7133647531.jpg eeb029133647547.jpg 858804133647560.jpg 2d834d133648773.jpg b668a1133648780.jpg 99a6fe133648792.jpg 94869e133649472.jpg 6d9ab4133650558.jpg fbb637133650570.jpg 7b4545133650584.jpg 959a9e133651338.jpg dc7d68133659637.jpg ff55de133660275.jpg 93b634133660287.jpg 315770134089948.jpg 3e60f7134089960.jpg 0a83d9134089968.jpg e9e65d134090391.jpg 4a8278134090396.jpg 442041134090911.jpg cdd537134090915.jpg 96b08b134090921.jpg ce1389134092628.jpg e734e8134093294.jpg ddd8a4134093300.jpg ecad2f134093703.jpg fb4461134094284.jpg f15990134094915.jpg e18114134094924.jpg 831343134094927.jpg f204ff134095532.jpg a634e8134095542.jpg 3f34de134095551.jpg 5a01c4134096079.jpg 723fe4134096084.jpg 065eeb134096088.jpg 8adddd134096423.jpg 724625134096430.jpg 134a24134097033.jpg 25ccc6134097382.jpg 067eea134101702.jpg 970ab9134101706.jpg 3be84f134101707.jpg a3dcb5134102191.jpg 2708b5134102197.jpg 511d96134102202.jpg 1bdbb1134105540.jpg 0bf74d134105544.jpg 0cc727134106993.jpg 6026da134107210.jpg 16cc44134107217.jpg 18205c134107467.jpg 6a8e16134107470.jpg aa4ed8134107734.jpg cd4cd4134107739.jpg a3a5f6134110565.jpg e09703134110567.jpg 1d4559134110848.jpg 13c00a134112629.jpg 048188134114412.jpg 862ba8134180564.jpg 57e7c0134189023.jpg 11026e134193678.jpg b7e3ce134194203.jpg afc1b3134198446.jpg b046e1134200087.jpg 3303c7134200092.jpg 922d36134203875.jpg eb6fd8134210480.jpg e05cef134222874.jpg 51e5fd134223461.jpg af3eb7134223470.jpg 67e9a7134225836.jpg 6e7366134232911.jpg 3edcb0134233413.jpg 15af7f134233418.jpg bf642b134233420.jpg b1c0cb134239609.jpg 5d791a134239621.jpg 1c67f1134240525.jpg b32332134240533.jpg ff9159134240545.jpg 470d96134241570.jpg 503034134241577.jpg 815f59134241582.jpg b24c63134245386.jpg f01ca1134245405.jpg 3e6daf134245420.jpg

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At the Sundance Film Festival -> 23rd January 2011

Source: tlfan.to

post-33914-0-1446062486-08126_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446062486-11347_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446062486-13379_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446062486-17247_thumb.jpg e79a62133389816.jpg

"Mao's Last Dance" Screening -> 16th August 2010

Source: tlfan.to

post-33914-0-1446062486-21228_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446062486-24473_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446062486-28858_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1446062486-31229_thumb.jpg 6d65d9133388891.jpg

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Who Is Elizabeth Olsen?

Jan 26, 2011 at 12:02pm

Inside Hollywood


If there’s one name that’s emerged as a breakout star from this year’s Sundance Festival, it’s Elizabeth Olsen. With starring turns in three eagerly anticipated movies awaiting release in 2011, the 21-year-old has been the talk of the Utah gathering.

But who is this rising star, and where did she come from? Fear not; Celebuzz has dug up the facts on Olsen in order to bring you the lowdown on this showbiz phenomenon-to-be.

So…where did she come from?

As her last name (and uncanny family resemblance) suggests, Elizabeth is the younger sister of child stars-turned-entertainment moguls Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, and as might be expected, her early career received a big boost from her elder sibs. Elizabeth’s first acting gig occurred at the age of four, in her sisters’ maiden movie, Our First Video. She also appeared alongside Mary-Kate and Ashley’s direct-to-video series The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley. Here she is as a tot, charming the press with her big sisters:

What’s she been up to since then?

After her initial splash in show biz, Elizabeth moved on to theater and focused on her education,graduating North Hollywood’s Campbell Hall School (whose famous students also include Dakota Fanning) in 2007 before going on to the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and the Atlantic Theater Company.

Why all the buzz about Elizabeth?

Though still in the proving-herself stage in her career as a young actress, Olsen has three hot movies slated for release. In the horror film Silent House, she stars as Sarah, who returns to her family’s summer house with her father and uncle to repair the place after it was violated by squatters. Sarah soon begins to suspect that the summer house might be haunted. Concocted by the team behind Open Water, the groundbreaking film is the first horror flick to be filmed in one continuous shot. Check out Elizabeth in the trailer for Silent House below:

Olsen also stars in the upcoming Martha Marcy May Marlene with Hugh Dancy, Sarah Paulson and John Hawkes. Like Silent House, Martha Marcy May Marlene boasts heavy psycho-dramatic elements, with Elizabeth playing an emotionally damaged woman who struggles to reconnect with her family after escaping from an abusive cult. Check out the cast talking about the movie, which was picked up by Fox Searchlight., at this year’s Sundance:

So what’s next?

Olsen will expand into comedy with the upcoming Peace Love & Misunderstanding, about a conservative lawyer who brings his children to meet their hippie parents in Woodstock. She’ll also co-star alongside cinematic heavyweights Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver in the thriller Red Lights, about a psychologist and her assistant, whose study of paranormal activity leads them to investigate a world-renowned psychic. The film is currently slated for a 2012 release.

Written by Tim Kenneally


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