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Jeisa Chiminazzo


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I'll have to agree with Chaky to a degree and say that Jeisa is one of the best things in the Swimsuit issue. Seeing a good chunk of the pics I have to say that Brooklyn Decker is also another reason along with Anne V and Irina Shiek. However this is a Jeisa thread and like my signature I love Jeisa so I'll talk about her.

I've seen Jeisa countless times in a swimsuit and as great a body she has I was not wowed by them (excpet for Chaky's avatar ;) ). Especially the recent ones she did for VS. However these pics that she has done for SI are light years better than the stuff I've seen her do. With that said, I cannot wait to pick up my issue and I hope they choose her for years to come because she is a fresh face who I think would put the issue right on track, which has been lacking in recent years (i.e. the last two issues). Haven't been so excited about the Swimsuit Issue for a while.

Now I am looking for the 2009 calendar so I can have a whole month of Jeisa :wub:

Way to go Jeisa!!!

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