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  1. thanks for the pictures wickedcrazyness.<333 emilie<333
  2. I agree with all of that! Except for the Gaspard thing... I think he's overrated.
  3. UGH! D: I CAN'T SEE THEM. But Matt is totally the shiznit and I had countless fantasies about him :evil: :evil: :evil: but them WWE FELLAS ARE FINE.
  4. great, so i can freely say jeisa has the most beautiful boobs, EVER. and she looks so cute in those!
  5. she's amazing, and that body is to die for. as weird as it sounds i love her boobs.
  6. thanks so much! :] I owe you a cookie, or something.
  7. gosh, she's one gorgeous cuban woman. <3
  8. So I found this picture and was REALLY curious who it was, I have no idea! I know Im a doof but someone help me please? <333
  9. haha. i used to be hella obsessed with the guy, i loved him so much and he drove my teenage hormones wild! i still do but im more currently in love with the WWE fellas.
  10. so i was a little impulsive and registered while listenning to Queen, so if you would change mine to mayaku. that would be super! :] <3
  11. I love Jeisa so much. So much I just went and made a set and changed it. Gosh she's amazing. :drool:
  12. I liker her a lottt. <333 we need more pictures!
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