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Bettina Zimmermann


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Bettina Zimmermann


Bettina Zimmermann (* March 31 1975 in Großburgwedel in Hannover ) is a German actress .

Zimmerman attended the Realschule Burgwedel. [1] Then she made ​​in 1994 at the Leibniz-Gymnasium in Hannover her high school. [2] During her acting training in Hamburg, she was a model act. After working for commercials (including Vodafone and WMF ) in 1998, she received her first role in the theatrical production Fisimatenten .

The actress is working for German TV productions of the private stations such as RTL and Sat.1 and for public service broadcasters such as ZDF . She was in several television dramas (eg, as Angélique in the historical film "The indomitable heart" ) or television series , such as the children's series dandelion or Die Rosenheim-Cops to see. In addition, she performed as an actress on German cinema productions in without this breakthrough to reach the big one. In 2009 she starred opposite of Uwe Kockisch as Commissario Brunetti and co-investigator in the television series Capari Franca Donna Leon .

It is active also in the field of advertising and shot several commercials for Lycos (Comundo), World Premiere , D2 , Bertelsmann and the Expo 2000 .

Bettina Zimmermann spent four years with the film producer Oliver Berben , son of the actress Iris Berben dating. Between 2002 and 2005 she was the comedian Erkan together, she on the set of " Erkan and Stefan - against the forces of darkness " met. From 2005 to 2006, she again had a relationship with Oliver Berben.

Since 2007, Zimmerman is with cinematographer Vladimir Subotic dating. Their son was born in October 2008. Bettina Zimmermann, lives in Berlin . It operates in Munich with two friends, the boutique "Amber Lounge.

Filmography 1998: Dual Motives to Anne

1999: Deadly Sins - The Two Faces of a Woman (television production)

2000: Fisimatenten

2000: School

2001: A Wedding and (k) a death case (TV production)

2001: Bronski & Bernstein (TV Series)

2001: Little man seeks big heart (television production)

2001: Victor Vogel - Commercial Man

2001: Who's Who

2001: Moonlight Tariff

2002: Erkan and Stefan - against the forces of darkness

2002: section - the language of the dead (television production)

2002: Beloved Thief (television production)

2002: Vaya Con Dios

2003: industrially

2003: Apocalypse ice - the day when the world freezes

2003: The indomitable heart (television production)

2003: Alarm for Cobra 11: fire and flame (television production)

2004: PI Post Impact

2004: Reason & Feeling (television production)

2004: Apocalypse ice

2005: Dandelion - The journey into the adventure

2005: The Berlin Airlift - The sky was clear (television production)

2005: It was murder, and a silent village (television production)

2005: Wen meets the love

2005: Wall of silence

2006: The storm surge

2006: Cars (voice of Sally)

2007: 2030 - Rise of the ancients (television production)

2007: Badge of Honor - I fight for us (television production)

2007: Missing - Love can be fatal (television production)

2007: Murder Hunger (TV production)

2008: Kung Fu Panda (voice of Tigress)

2008: The hunt for the treasure of the Nibelungs (TV production)

2008: My heart in Chile (TV production, two-piece)

2008: Lost City Raiders (television production)

2009: fateful day in Bangkok (television production)

2009: 2030 - Rise of the boys (television production)

2009: Shoot the Duke

2010: The hunt for the Holy Lance (television production)

2010: alias Anne (docu-drama)

2011: The Seduction - The strange girl (television production)

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