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Roselyn Sanchez

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Just incase if any of you guys live in Miami, Florida Rosalyn Sanchez will be in Navarro from 10AM-Noon tomorrow (April 30th). The Navarro location is 12000 SW 8 Street. She will be there promoting a new line called ACTIVATE. I don't have a scanner, but I have the flyer here, so I'll just type what it says if any of you are interested and can actually go. :) I'm thinking of going. :)

Join us for a special event:

Meet famous actress Roselyn Sanchez and get your ACTIVATE bottle autographed!

Styling tips and hair makeovers by Clark Ivo, Roselyn's stylist!

Style your war to glorious hair with ACTIVATE, the brand created by Latinas for Latinas!

Great music, food, and wonderful prizes

Saturday, April 10th from 10AM-Noon

Navarro Store: 12000 SW 8th Street.

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A few days ago I plucked my pubes from my scrotum sack with my bare hands in order to worship Roselyn. It made my scrotum sack bleed, but at least Roselyn got worshipped.

Last night I masturbated watching Roselyn's disco-scene in "Boat Trip" in repeat. That scene is one of the most erotic scenes I have seen in any movie!!! I had beautiful new age music playing while watching Roselyn dance in most sexy clubwear! And I masturbated slowly for a long time. It was negative torture, I enjoyed so much!! I felt like being in heaven or paradise!! In the end I had a strong orgasm and a lot of sperm was ejaculated. Roselyn Sanchez is the most erotic woman I have ever seen! I worship her! :wub:

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