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The lying game

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Identical twins who have never met, a mean-girl crowd with more money than morals, a stoic foster kid, and a beyond-the-grave narrator all propel readers into a roller-coaster ride of physical and emotional challenges in this first book in a new series. Foster kid Emma, two weeks shy of her eighteenth birthday, discovers she has a twin named Sutton and runs away from Las Vegas to meet her in Tucson. Sutton, however, seems to have been killed during the making of a snuff film. Narrating from the afterlife, Sutton cannot remember exactly who killed her, or much else about her life, as she watches her living twin try to solve the mystery.

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Hey, Pretty Little Liars and Lying Game fans! It’s Sara Shepard here. Yesterday, I took a break from writing the Pretty Little Liars and Lying Game books to have lunch in NYC with Alexandra Chando, the lovely new star of The Lying Game series. She was so sweet and down-to-earth and had a lot of fun things to say about the show. Here are a few tidbits I found really interesting:

  1. Playing Emma felt really easy and natural, but getting into Sutton’s character was a bit more of a challenge. But as you’ll see in the first episode, I think Alex found a perfect voice for Sutton right away.
  2. There’s a pool scene in the first episode that looks super sultry and luxurious, but actually it was about 30 degrees outside during the shoot. (Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the pilot shot, can get pretty cold at night.) Alex dove into the pool for the scene, got out of the water into the frigid air, and ran into a waiting hot shower off-camera to warm up.
  3. ABC Family has its up-and-coming teen stars go to a “boot camp,” where they advise their young ingénues about how to handle fame and stay grounded. One of their tips: keep a journal. I think it’s so cool that the network cares so much about their new talent! (And speaking of “talent,” check out Alex in the new web series, Talent. It’s addictive!)
  4. Alex grew up in Pennsylvania (just like me!), lived in New York City for a while (just like me!), and has lived in LA for a few years now. (Okay, I don’t live in LA, but I do like it out there a lot!)

The Lying Game debuts on ABC Family on August 15—I can’t wait, and I hope you guys can’t either! I also can’t wait for you to get your hands on Lying Game book #2—Never Have I Ever. The mystery deepens!

I’m off to LA next week to visit the PLL set, so I’ll have lots more gossip for you soon! Kisses!

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