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Janelle Fishman


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or so :/

Janelle is currently appearing in a new Dove Chocolate commercial. I haven't been able to locate it online, but I'll be looking out to try to record it from TV. I'll also finally post those Sundance photos soon.

PostNote, April17: Found the commercial and recorded it.

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Janelle has been listed with Q Management NYC for some time now:


Also listed with TrendModels.es:


Her file videos:


(April 29, 2011)

Q Management's File Photos - reprints mostly, here are a few:


Q Management's Polaroids:



And here is Janelle's Dove Chocolate commercial spot. It's still on air on a few networks - USA/TNT:

Song is by Della Swiss, "Only You"

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"Stacie Janelle" by Stefania Pia for Purple Diary

Photos taken around August 28th, 2013





Three sources for these:


Looks like Purple Diary decided to PhotoShop one of them. Both versions of that photo are included above.
It looks like Janelle has her own Instagram now:
More photos there.
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