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Farrah Abraham

Born: 31 May 1991

Nationality: American

Occupation: Reality Star, Author, Aspiring Musician & Model

Best Known: Appearance on MTV’s first installment of Teen Mom

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Farrah Abraham shows off her bikini body on a European holiday, Greece 24.09.2017

52549327_hqcelebcorner-2.jpg 52549331_hqcelebcorner-3.jpg 52549338_hqcelebcorner-5.jpg 52549343_hqcelebcorner-7.jpg 52549346_hqcelebcorner-8.jpg 52549349_hqcelebcorner-9.jpg 52549351_hqcelebcorner-10.jpg 52549354_hqcelebcorner-11.jpg 52549358_hqcelebcorner-13.jpg 52549360_hqcelebcorner-14.jpg 52549369_hqcelebcorner-17.jpg 52549373_hqcelebcorner-18.jpg 52549378_hqcelebcorner-19.jpg 52549385_hqcelebcorner-20.jpg 52549389_hqcelebcorner-21.jpg 52549406_hqcelebcorner-22.jpg 52549414_hqcelebcorner-23.jpg 52549421_hqcelebcorner-24.jpg 52549426_hqcelebcorner-25.jpg 52549433_hqcelebcorner-26.jpg 52549442_hqcelebcorner-28.jpg 52549453_hqcelebcorner-29.jpg 52549464_hqcelebcorner-30.jpg 52549491_hqcelebcorner-32.jpg 52549501_hqcelebcorner-33.jpg 52549509_hqcelebcorner-34.jpg 52549324_hqcelebcorner-1.jpg 52549334_hqcelebcorner-4.jpg 52549340_hqcelebcorner-6.jpg 52549357_hqcelebcorner-12.jpg 52549362_hqcelebcorner-15.jpg 52549366_hqcelebcorner-16.jpg 52549438_hqcelebcorner-27.jpg 52549476_hqcelebcorner-31.jpg

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