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Nastiest Things Eaten by Bear Grylls

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Bear (Born: Edward Michael) Grylls, was given the nickname ("Bear") by his sister when he was two or three years old. He decided to keep the name, and is best known as Bear.

I like him. He´s just always so cheerful even when most of us would be moaning and whining to no end. And I love the deadpans. Like when he almost falls to his death but manages to grasp a plant or something of the sort and just remarks "I hate it when that happens". Or when he almost falls down during a high climb and says "okay, guess I won't take that route." And he's just fearless in general. I mean, he broke his back when his parachute didn't open and he still jumps out of a plane just the same. Plus he reached the mount everest when he was 23 years old. Talk about perseverance. (Though I never understood the appeal of climbing things that could lead to death for the sake of climbing it).

I think the nastiest scene for me was when he used the dead camel as a shield/sleeping bag.

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