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Flip Driver.

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* Height: 5' 7" / 170.18cm

* Bust: 32" A

* Waist: 22" / 55.88 cm

* Hips: 33" / 83.82 cm

* Shoes: UK 5.5 / EUR 38.5

* Dress Size(uk): UK / EUR

* Hair: Brown Dark

* Length: Long

* Eyes: Brown

Storm Models.

post-34463-0-1445996139-23029_thumb.gif post-34463-0-1445996139-24211_thumb.gif

post-34463-0-1445996139-24832_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1445996139-2545_thumb.gif

post-34463-0-1445996139-26154_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1445996139-26784_thumb.jpg

post-34463-0-1445996139-27882_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1445996139-28844_thumb.gif

post-34463-0-1445996139-29438_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1445996139-30187_thumb.jpg

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Thanks! She's so pretty! She's kinda like a cross between Jennifer Lamiraqui and Carla Ossa!

i often what her background is. I know she is probably something asian. she has been on the boards of storm for at least 8 years but she isn't with any other agency (none that I could find).

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