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Adrienne Barbeau

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Material very detailed.

Thanks. I managed to have a good vhs copy of the episode in my collection, which I then transferred to dvdr in order to make the screen captures. I'll have more soon. I've got several episodes of Maude and most of Adrienne's movies.

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Here are some screen captures of our bosomy heroine from a tv movie called "Having Babies." It's from 1976. And yes fellas. Those are very real.

post-61668-0-1445993154-63173_thumb.jpg post-61668-0-1445993154-6399_thumb.jpg post-61668-0-1445993154-65041_thumb.jpg post-61668-0-1445993154-66567_thumb.jpg post-61668-0-1445993154-67925_thumb.jpg post-61668-0-1445993154-71448_thumb.jpg post-61668-0-1445993154-7281_thumb.jpg post-61668-0-1445993154-73489_thumb.jpg post-61668-0-1445993154-74139_thumb.jpg post-61668-0-1445993154-75316_thumb.jpg post-61668-0-1445993154-75946_thumb.jpg post-61668-0-1445993154-86831_thumb.jpg b1708d203886807.jpg

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