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Sofya Titova

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Sofya in Fallen Magazine "Colour me pretty"

Photographer Lucie Hugary

Stylist David Aliperti

Make Up Javier Romero

Hair Vivi Lapidus

Model Sofya Titova from Next

post-43321-0-1446109568-57856_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446109568-61648_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446109568-70396_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446109568-78831_thumb.jpg


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Models: Vika Falileeva, Magda Laguinge, Caterina Ravaglia, Sofia Titova & Xiao Wen

Hair: Maxime Mace

Makeup: Maude Laceppe

Stylist: Vanessa Traina

Photographer: Kacper Kasprczk


nytimes via MissMagAddict

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Sofya Titova & Vika Mironova by Slava Filippov | TSUM April 2011 Beauty Special (#1)

st: Elena Bessonova

make-up: Elena Zubareva

hair: Ekaterina Shersheva

post-43321-0-1446109587-81121_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446109587-83353_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446109587-84482_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446109587-89137_thumb.jpg

post-43321-0-1446109587-92317_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446109587-94787_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446109587-97061_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446109588-00247_thumb.jpg

Scanned by Stereo_Flo

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Next Milan

Also with: Grace Models Russia




177cm (5′9.5″)

Place of Origin:


Ethnic Origin:




How discovered:

I was doing a little runway for a local brand in Russia

Favorite music, band:

Pop music – I love David Guetta


Taking pictures, and photography in general

Favorite piece of clothing:

Shirt and jeans

What’s your idea of fun?

Going out with friends, listening to music, taking pictures of people I meet and places I visit

Favorite modeling experience so far?

Just started, but I am very curious about new experiences!

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?

Saint Petersburg, I love this city, it is full of tradition and there is a fabulous atmosphere…

Place you would love to visit:

New York!

post-43321-0-1446109590-44615_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446109590-4633_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446109590-50875_thumb.jpgpost-43321-0-1446109590-52749_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446109590-55643_thumb.jpg post-43321-0-1446109590-59195_thumb.jpg


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