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Frankie Sandford

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Francesca “Frankie” Sandford (born 14 January 1989) is an English singer and member of girl group The Saturdays. She was previously a member in the band S Club 8 and appeared with them in children’s television programme I Dream before they


Frankie was born in Upminster, London, United Kingdom to Kevin and Julie Sandford, and has a sister, Victoria. Sandford attended her local primary school, and after hours she went to dance school. She later went to stage school in Romford. Sandford previously worked in a bar and had a Saturday job as a salesperson in AllSaints concession in House of Fraser, London. Sandford got a tattoo to pay a tribute to her grandmother. The tattoo saying Sunshine ‘n’ Showers. Sandford stated that she went through an “emo” phase when she was 15, and she had no idea what she wanted to do as a career.

Frankie started her career with S Club Junior in 2001. The group split in early 2004, but they still went on to I Dream for 19 Entertainment because they had already agreed to do it. Unlike the S Club 7 shows which focused upon the band’s fictional exploits, I Dream saw S Club 8 as members of a larger ensemble cast. I Dream revolved around the summer school Avalon Heights, run by Professor Toone (played by Christopher Lloyd), where the characters tried to improve on their talents in the performing arts. The show prominently featured songs and dances, with normally two songs per episode.

Since 2007, Sandford has been a member of the girl group The Saturdays. The band have enjoyed seven top ten hits, and three top ten album hits.

Source: frankie-s.org

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2010 : Higher Photoshoots

post-42007-0-1446018647-57859_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018647-6379_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018647-70369_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018647-73883_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018647-75869_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018647-78632_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018647-83768_thumb.jpg 6bf751115332765.jpg post-42007-0-1446018647-86801_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018647-91212_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-02197_thumb.jpg

Sony Radio Academy Awards 10.05.10

post-42007-0-1446018648-06143_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-07978_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-09557_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-11487_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-1515_thumb.jpg 914e86115333979.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-18929_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-31449_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-34816_thumb.jpg 05a085115334015.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-38144_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-41238_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-46293_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-56196_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-60487_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-62952_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-65348_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-67255_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-69623_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-72248_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-73643_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-77371_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-81347_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018648-84361_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018649-6617_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018649-77215_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018649-80746_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018649-81662_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018649-9729_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018649-99277_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018650-03461_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018650-13225_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018650-1707_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018650-18037_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018650-23756_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018650-25033_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018650-36764_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018650-39339_thumb.jpg post-42007-0-1446018650-41632_thumb.jpg 4a3d22115334266.jpg ab0eda115334268.jpg 7a4a3a115334272.jpg

2010 : Isle Of Man Music Festival - Day 1

78ad67115334498.jpg d041fd115334508.jpg 7f64c6115334525.jpg a4d107115334535.jpg 6f1d85115334539.jpg ce38cb115334546.jpg 5a8b4a115334557.jpg 7dfe02115334566.jpg 43b15b115334572.jpg 14d25f115334579.jpg 407197115334586.jpg 001791115334594.jpg 469d7e115334603.jpg

2010 : Isle of Wight Festival - Day 2

1b3dfc115334934.jpg b2867b115334939.jpg d76c2f115334944.jpg 5fdaf4115334951.jpg e297b3115334958.jpg ba9db2115334966.jpg b1c4d8115334977.jpg

The Saturdays @ KIT KAT "Senses Concert for a Cure" - 13.12.2010

44e939115335238.jpg 5536fd115335264.jpg 10da0a115335310.jpg f5cdd3115335320.jpg

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Frankie and Wayne Bridge leaving a pub in in Alderley Edge - 2.01.2011

5003cd115335777.jpg 69abde115335794.jpg 579267115335795.jpg 36a7c2115335796.jpg 309019115335800.jpg

The Saturdays out for lunch 8.01.2011


Frankie leaving London's Mahiki nightclub - 8.01.2011

fdc0cd115335683.jpg ac0359115335685.jpg 522a74115335688.jpg 9e8888115335692.jpg f59b26115335696.jpg d66079115335697.jpg

Frankie out and about in London - 13.01.2011

b0b649115335600.jpg f3a856115335608.jpg 8a1831115335611.jpg

Frankie Celebrates 22nd B-day at Chinawhite - 14.01.2011

ce872a115336285.jpg 947b7f115336337.jpg 6f51b8115336358.jpg 97c6c1115336382.jpg 6630b3115336408.jpg 2e598c115336433.jpg 80a673115336453.jpg 368f16115336472.jpg faaf64115336492.jpg 36877f115336510.jpg 62fb78115336528.jpg 0eeec0115336548.jpg 75eb43115336566.jpg cf9fb8115336585.jpg 8b3520115336596.jpg a57f26115336620.jpg af2258115336639.jpg 1ffa41115336653.jpg d93084115336667.jpg e291aa115336677.jpg 51d85e115336690.jpg 91df55115336710.jpg 803cbd115336735.jpg d1f919115336753.jpg eedcf7115336774.jpg a3dd15115336787.jpg dba39b115336796.jpg a627d3115336835.jpg 58983f115336853.jpg 84c2c8115336870.jpg 0e66a6115336883.jpg ace393115336889.jpg 04026e115336893.jpg b6f738115336897.jpg 2a4f6a115336902.jpg 23fa20115336907.jpg 86147a115336911.jpg 3ead31115336915.jpg 7bb1eb115336919.jpg a84d16115336922.jpg 2dc750115336925.jpg f6fc8b115336927.jpg bfce21115336931.jpg 195e0d115336936.jpg c5463e115336939.jpg

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Frankie and Wayne Bridge leaving a pub in in Alderley Edge - 2.01.2011

Don't tell John Terry! :ninja:

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Arriving at the Maida Vale studios i-> 21st June 2011

Source: tlfan.to

6202ed137446137.jpg cc598d137446182.jpg 69bed3137446601.jpg fee1c9137446659.jpg 69bed3137449127.jpg fee1c9137449167.jpg 6fda23137449193.jpg 9c93f2137449217.jpg

Arriving and leaving Kiss FM -> 22nd June 2011

Source: tlfan.to

8df6db137589257.jpg e2a789137589270.jpg 6f828a137595137.jpg a1c959137595156.jpg b80765137607034.jpg a0c3df137607055.jpg d83e19137615474.jpg 8689cf137615496.jpg bf23ed137616144.jpg 7b3f83137616164.jpg 5bf777137616638.jpg 9637a4137619775.jpg

Outside The London Studios -> 23rd June 2011

Source: tlfan.to

dac4da137744070.jpg e9901c137744092.jpg 479237137744127.jpg c37bc6137744141.jpg a0735f137744154.jpg 2514fa137744175.jpg

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