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Gianna Maria Canale

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Canale was born in Reggio Calabria. In 1947, at the Miss Italia beauty contest, won by Lucia Bosè, she placed second. Canale received publicity in many Italian magazines after this. Her looks were compared to those of Ava Gardner. Riccardo Freda offered her a role in a movie, and, after they fell in love, they got married in Brazil, where they shot two films. Canale however was not used to living in South America and they came back to Italy, where, always directed by her husband, she starred in many sword and sandal films, as well as Italian horror and adventure films. I vampiri was her last film with Freda. She retired from the movie industry in 1964 and died in Florence in February 2009.


Return of the Black Eagle (Aquila nera, 1946)

Guarany (1948)

The Mysterious Rider (Il cavaliere misterioso, 1948)

Double Cross (Il tradimento, 1949)

Totò le moko (1949)

The Gay Swordsman (Il figlio di d’Artagnan, 1949)

The Iron Swordsman (Il conte Ugolino, 1949)

O caçula do Barulho (1951)

Dead Woman's Kiss (Il bacio di una morta, 1951)

Revenge of Black Eagle (La vendatta di aquila nera, 1951)

Vedi Napoli e poi muori (1951)

Go for Broke! (1951)

La leggenda del Piave (1952)

The Eternal Chain (L’eterna catena, 1953)

Sins of Rome, Story of Spartacus (Spartaco, 1953)

The Man from Cairo (Dramma nella Kasbah, 1953)

Alarm in Morocco (Alerte au sud, 1953)

L’ombra (1954)

Theodora, Slave Empress (Teodora, imperatrice di Bisanzio, 1954)

Madame du Barry (1954)

Donne sole (1955)

Il coraggio (1955)

Napoleón (1955)

Desert Detour (La châtelaine du Liban, 1956)

I vampiri (1956)

Le Gerusalemme liberata (1957)

Il corsaro della mezzaluna (1957)

The Sword and the Cross (Le chiave di Cartagine, 1957)

Hercules (Le fatiche di Ercole, 1958)

The Whole Truth (1958)

The Silent Enemy (1958)

The Warrior and the Slave Girl (La rivolta dei gladiatore, 1958)

Seven in the Sun (Gli aventurieri dei tropici, 1959)

Devil's Cavaliers (Il cavalieri del diavolo, 1959)

The Queen of the Pirates (Le venere dei pirati, 1960)

Les nuits de Raspoutine (1960)

Colossus and the Amazon Queen (La regina delle Amazzoni, 1960)

Conqueror of the Orient (Il conquistatore dell'Oriente, 1960)

Goliath and the Vampires (Maciste contro ll vampiro, 1960)

The treasure of Monte Christo (1961)

The Centurion (Il conquistatore di Corinto, 1961)

Clash of Steel (Le chevalier de Pardaillan, 1962)

The Lion of St. Mark (Il leone di San Marco, 1963)

Tiger of the Seven Seas (La tigre dei sette mari, 1963)

The Slave (Il figlio di Spartacus, 1963)

Il boom (1963)

The Adventures of Scaramouche (La máscara de Scaramouche, 1964)

Il treno del sabato (1964)

The Avenger of Venice (Il ponte dei sospiri, 1964)









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