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Johnny Lewis


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Jonathan Kendrick "Johnny" Lewis (born October 29, 1983), also credited as Johnny K. Lewis, is an American actor.

Life and career

Lewis began making television appearances while in his late teens with guest starring roles in American Dreams (2002), Boston Public (2000), and The Guardian (2001), among others. His debut feature film performance premiered in 2004, in New Line Cinema's Raise Your Voice, and he followed that up with Miramax Film's Underclassman in 2005.

Lewis acted in the short-lived FOX television sitcom series Quintuplets as Pearce Chase and appeared in the 2004 movie Raise Your Voice alongside Hilary Duff. He also guest starred in four episodes of the Nickelodeon television series Drake & Josh as Scottie, one of Drake's bandmates. Lewis played Dennis "Chili" Childress, one of Marissa Cooper's new friends from Newport Union High, on the TV show The O.C.

Lewis is best known for his role as prospect biker Kip "Half-Sack" Epps in the first two seasons of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, before he was killed off in the Season 2 finale due to creative reasons. Lewis is a Scientologist.

In Alien vs. Predator: Requiem, as well as in at least one episode of Sons of Anarchy, Lewis is seen having a star-shaped tattoo on both of his shoulders. He possibly got them some time before starring in "Raise Your Voice".


Raise Your Voice (2004) - Engelbert "Kiwi" Wilson

Underclassman (2005) - Alexander Jeffries

Pretty Persuasion (2005) - Warren Prescott

Alien vs. Predator: Requiem (2007) - Ricky

Palo Alto (2007) - Nolan

Felon (2008) - Snowman

One Missed Call (2008) - Brian

The Runaways (2009) - Scottie


Malcolm in the Middle (2000) - Cadet Martin

7th Heaven (2000) - Norton

Undressed (2001) - Ray

Judging Amy (2001) - Desmond

Boston Public (2001–2003) - Bobby, Bodhi

Yes, Dear (2002) - Ricky the Mormon

The Sausage Factory (2002) - Gilby Van Horn

The Guardian (2002) - Ted

American Dreams (2003–2004) - Lenny

Drake & Josh (2004) - Scottie

Quintuplets (2004–2005) - Pearce Chase

Smallville (2005) - Gabriel Duncan

The O.C. (2005–2006) - Dennis Childress

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2006) - Tad Sidley

Cold Case (2008) - Younger Spider

Sons of Anarchy (2008–2009) - Kip "Half-Sack" Epps

Criminal Minds "Zoe's Reprise" (2009) - Eric Ryan Olson (a serial murderer from Cleveland)









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Johnny Lewis -- who had big roles on "Sons of Anarchy," and "The O.C." and once dated Katy Perry -- was found dead yesterday ... and his body was discovered at the same L.A. property as an 81-year-old woman he's suspected of murdering ... TMZ has learned.

According to our law enforcement sources, 28-year-old Lewis was found in a driveway Wednesday morning in the Los Feliz neighborhood -- and the elderly woman who owned the home was found dead inside ... the victim of a homicide. Investigators say they believe Lewis beat the woman to death.

According to multiple reports, neighbors heard the 81-year-old woman screaming ... and then saw a young man outside her home attack 2 other people with a piece of wood ... before he climbed onto the roof and fell to his death.

Lewis was renting a room from the 81-year-old victim.

Law enforcement sources tell us Lewis is the sole suspect in the woman's murder, and they are not looking for other possible suspects.

Lewis dated Perry back in 2006 -- and attended numerous Hollywood events together.

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