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Tong Tong Lui

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Tong Tong Lui from Nathalie Models in Paris & China Bentley

More to see here - http://allaboutmodels.net/tong-tong-lui-na...-china-bentley/

TongTongLuiNathalieModels-HQ02.jpg TongTongLuiNathalieModels-HQ03.jpg

Tong Tong Lui @ Nathalie Models (Paris), China Bentley Culture Development Co., Ltd. (China)

We would like to tell you more about one Asian new face. She’s named Tong Tong Lui and she’s chinese.

Tong Tong Lui has caught in our eyes during the Paris fashion week, where she walked for Yohji Yamamoto. We wondered who is this model ? And fortunately we know it now. It’s Tong Tong Lui, who’s signed with Nathalie Models in Paris. Her mother agency is China Bentley Culture Development Co., Ltd.


Well, Tong Tong Lui has a silhouette of 5′11180cm and measurements of 85-60-88. She has in the eyes of All about Models a look, that you can remember. It is rather classical, but also very unusual. We are convinced that Tong Tong Lui has what it needs to walk in many runway shows in the world. You should be ready for Tong Tong Lui.

TongTongLuiNathalieModels-HQ05.jpg TongTongLuiNathalieModels-HQ06.jpg


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