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Six Seconds With: Heidi Klum


Watching Heidi Klum effortlessly glide between Project Runway, Victoria's Secret catwalks and her full-time job as a mom, one might think she's a supermodel superhero. Well, she does play a caped crusader in a video airing tomorrow on Modelinia.com, a Web site about models. The short film "is about me saving Fashion Week. We filmed at the Michael Kors show [last Fashion Week]," says Heidi, who first moved to NYC in 1993 but recently sold her West Village pad because "I outgrew it." She'll return to film Project Runway in June and will be renting a—presumably larger—home for herself and hubby Seal and their kids (daughter Leni, 4, and sons Henry, 3, and Johan, 2). Keeping Fashion Week safe and stimulating the real estate market? Sounds pretty super to us.

What is your dream NYC address? I would go back to the West Village. I love the stoops of the brownstones and the cobblestones—even though they're a pain if you're sitting in the back of the car—and the cute little boutiques mixed in with big-name stores.

What's been your craziest night out in NYC? When I first came to New York there was this place called the Vault. It was weird…like a sex bar. I went with [producer] Desiree Gruber and [model] Frederique Van der Wal. There were people dancing in cages. I was fresh off the boat from Germany and it was quite an experience.

If you were mayor of NYC, what would you do? I would start a program for homeless people, especially the mole people [who live] underneath the subway stations. People should watch the documentary Dark Days—you get an insight into how happy they are to have someone helping them.

If you could have a dish named after you at an NYC restaurant, what would it be? It would be at McDonald's in Union Square and I would call it the McKluminator. It would come with extra special supermodel sauce! When I first came to New York, my modeling agency was [in Union Square] and I used to go to that McDonald's.

Where should people go for peace and quiet in the city? The zoo in Central Park. It's cute, not too big. There is a small part of it off to the side where they can feed the llamas and goats. And there is a little pond with ducks. You don't feel like you're in the city.

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Heidi Klum turns other chic to detractor


A day after German designer Wolfgang Joop’s comment that Heidi Klum is “too heavy” to be a runway model hit the Internet, the stunning bombshell was still smiling at the Victoria’s Secret flagship store on 58th St.

“Do I look like I care?” Klum asked Monday as she gave fans makeup tips using her new Spring Look kit. “I really don’t think about [Joop or what he said]. What am I supposed to say? It’s his opinion. What do you think?”

Well, personally, Heidi, we think you look hotter than ever.

And the 35-year-old mom of three will be even more toned and sexy if she latches onto a new exercise routine she’s trying out: pole dancing.

“I’m headed to White Plains right after this because I have my ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ girls here, and we’re all having a pole dance lesson,” smiled Klum. “I’ve never done it before, but I know that pole dancing is very in right now. It’s an actual workout.

“I don’t know how good I’ll be, or what I’ll be wearing,” she added with a wink. “But I’m going to give it my best effort.”

Then, pointing to a tiny stanchion pole in the corner, Klum joked, “I’d show you my moves, but that’s too short.”

The Victoria’s Secret Angel also shared some details about “Project Runway.” “We’re filming this week and the finale is on Friday” with the “Project Runway” fashion show, she said.

There’s just one problem: The hit series currently has no network.

“It remains to be seen where it will end up airing,” she said. “I don’t deal with the deals for TV. It’s not up to me. [Executive producer] Harvey [Weinstein] does those deals. If I were the dealmaker, we would have already been airing months ago.”

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