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Raquel Zimmermann


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17 hours ago, ArianaVSCouture said:

Jeremy Scott Spring 2003:
600641527_JeremyScott2003WomenRTW12.thumb.jpg.9adf053463de2789e99c63f73252d05a.jpg 921420146_JeremyScott2003WomenRTW13.thumb.jpg.bf016c8cb2d41d599c5f885be72b6197.jpg 812576237_JeremyScott2003WomenRTW35.thumb.jpg.78c190501230fdd3b34af1d67d1c3e5d.jpg 2084391183_JeremyScott2003WomenRTW36.thumb.jpg.e421290f11ca318e3d1439f63e4274e2.jpg

Wow , raquel was very hot at jeremy scott 🧡, like michelle alves she is done for all kind of fashion from swimwear to haute couture, with all the shows of her you plan post , if you can please add roberto cavalli spring 2001 , and fisico spring 2003 i have never found HQ image of it at any site 😉

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10 hours ago, ArianaVSCouture said:

Sadly I don't have Fisico Spring 2003 because I mostly collect 90's and a bit of 00's, but I do have Roberto Cavalli Spring 2001. Here it is.

Thank you so much for cavalli spring 2001 and other updates 🧡, it is more than perfect , i know it is difficult to find some shows at good quality (better than firstview quality) , this is why i request them first , like randolphe duke spring 2000 , fatima lopes shows from 2003 to 2007 and shows of designer christina perrin ... etc , anyway you are the best 🧡

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