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Duncan James


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Surname : James

Name : Duncan

Profile :

Full name: Duncan Mathew James

Nickname(s): 'Dunk'

Hair colour: Light Brown / Blonde

Eye colour: Blue

Height: 5'11"

Date of Birth: 07 / 04 / 79

Star sign: Aries

Place of Birth: Salisbury, Wilts

Favourite band/artist: Marvin Gaye

Favourite song: 'What's Goin On' by Marvin Gaye

Favourite album: 'Left of the Middle' by Natalie Imbruglia

What's in your Walkman?: 'Reservoir Dogs' film soundtrack

Favourite book: Catcher In The Rye

Favourite film: The Fifth Element

Favourite meal: Any seafood

Favourite drink: Cranberry juice

Favourite smell: Cool water

Favourite TV show: Friends

Favourite actor: Brad Pitt

Favourite football team: Arsenal

Favourite clothes store: Levis

Favourite colour: Red

Band Biography : In May 2001, a new band named Blue released their debut single.

Three No.1 albums, three No.1 singles, two BRIT Awards, over 7 million albums and 4 million singles later, Blue are now officially one of the biggest pop acts not only in the UK, but across the world.

Comprising of London based lads Duncan James (26), Anthony Costa (22), Lee Ryan (21) and Simon Webbe (26), Blue released their first single in May 2001, the anthemic

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Duncan James' new album Future Past is out ! He has already released the single Sooner or Later, he's gonna release the second one, Can't stop a river.

New pictures from his official website :wub:

Miami Shoot April 2006









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