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Martina Hingis

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she's back :)

20060102t073338z01bri01drtrids.th.jpg martina5uz.th.jpg gc1060102011024x7686pw.th.jpg 3ae5emartinahingis0014qp.th.jpg 4e6e3martinahingis0025az.th.jpg

yay ! i read that this morning on the net. She used to be my favourite :) that's cool

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Again, Martina with Anna Kournikova...



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can anyone post the pic when she won the aussie 99.The celebreation pic,she wore a red dress.

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in on particular order, sorry. also probably some cross-over reposts from Anna and Maria threads...

th_32357_50166_hingisdubai4.JPG th_32375_50220_hingisdubai9.jpg th_32381_69937_martinaqatar1.JPG th_32388_77075_Martina_Hingis_WTA_Qatar_Open_01.jpg

th_32308_165531.JPG th_32325_akmh3.jpg th_32374_akmh.jpg th_32369_annakournikova0205bc.jpg

th_32392_annakournikova0351zd.jpg th_32414_b65_smash29sp.jpg th_32405_CAKLMJK1.JPG th_32403_hingis5.jpg

th_32405_hingis14.jpg th_32415_hingis15.jpg th_32415_hingis20.jpg th_32474_385dHwAAH8fvnk.jpg

th_32488_0837d_2006_01_08T035056Z_01_SYD11D_RTRIDSP_3_SPORT_TENNIS.jpg th_32488_899dc_2006_01_08T025925Z_01_SYD04D_RTRIDSP_3_SPORT_TENNIS.jpg th_32487_50145_hingisdubai10.jpg th_32483_50155_hingisdubai6.JPG

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