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Vic Willenpart


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Vic appeared to us a few times ago as our short-haired angel (meet Vic!), creating an endless excitement for her sharp features and intense (yet very sweet) gaze. And freckles, of course. We saw possibilities, not limits, in that very special-looking model totally renewing the word "edgy" for us. It was too much linked to everything trendy and almost lost its proper definition. Vic simply has brought it back to how we understood it first: something flirting with the edges of different worlds, genders, influences... Something that could have belonged to one side or the other but don't without mixing a touch of this and a touch of that randomly picked from both. Edgy is the word we would use to describe something unique which exist by itself, can be compared to many things but never related to any of them. We love Vic for never crossing this thin line, for standing out by herself in a world where references lead too easily to pale copies, for not allowing - by her look and attitude in front of the camera - to stamp her or to classify her. Vic finally gave an edge to the edge which makes her simply ultimate. Do what you want, be what you are (who you feel you are and what you think you can be).




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