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Beautiful outside, amazing inside! Day 4 of @VSPINK Shhhhhoot @MilkStudios with @milousluis #Shhhhh


Love. Peace. Pink. At Milk Studios | New York with @Milou Sluis and Victoria's Secret Pink


post-42054-0-1446149407-85967_thumb.jpg, Ben Watts Photo Inc facebook

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Client: Shick* 2011

Model: [email protected]

Stylist: Anouk Houtappel

Hair&makeup: Dominique Samuel

post-42054-0-1446149412-3517_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446149412-36174_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446149412-37408_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446149412-38552_thumb.jpg



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Prestage Issue #4

Wicked White

Photographer: Shamila

Hair: Mark van Westerop

Makeup: Vera Dierckx

Stylist: Pedro Dias

post-42054-0-1446149433-47238_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446149433-48774_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446149433-49384_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446149433-49965_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446149433-50559_thumb.jpg f9fad8193696916.jpg post-42054-0-1446149433-51804_thumb.jpg post-42054-0-1446149433-52249_thumb.jpg

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